Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Has Arrived!!

Well it is here, fall has come. I can't believe it. We just got electricity and air conditioning in the office and now we need a heater. Isn't that just how it goes??? Kinda like this morning when I am racing out the door, put down my coffee for a SPLIT second and turn around to find my dog is slurping it up. Nice. Hope she enjoyed it. I finally got to the nursery and everything just looks happy. The weather is cooler and the plants are definitely applauding. The succulents are starting to turn colors already. The bees don't seem to notice much, they are buzzing around as always and the dragonflies continue to chase each other. I have been on the lookout for the butterflies but they seem to have shrunk in numbers the last two days. It is just gorgeous out. The windows are open and the citrus are turning- little yellow lemons everywhere and a whole new round of blooms which is making the air around the office intoxicating. I went and did my morning check up and two of the sweet olives are in bloom. How such a little flower can put off such an incredible smell I don't know but I love it and don't want it to stop!!

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