Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bee-autiful Butterflies!!

Had to share- the butterflies were just too fun this morning. It was if they were posing for me. There was one that I just couldn't get - a bright yellow one- he was really friendly and kept flying up around me but wouldn't pose haha. I hope you enjoy the photos- it seems everything loves these Mystic Spires Salvia- the bees, the dragonflies, lady bugs and the butterflies. Not sure if they are like that with all types of Salvia, but they sure do like this stuff!!!


  1. The butterflies are beautiful aren't they!?! I've just been out for a walk and caught a Monarch on what I think is some kind of black-eyed susan (not sure) and it just made my day! Thanks for stopping by The Whimsical Gardener and leaving your comment. Where is your nursery located - always love to shop local!

  2. I know- I love to sit out there and watch them. I had a monarch that stopped by the other day! Aren't they just beautiful!! Our nursery is located at 12000 A HWY 290 W. We are here 7 days a week and I have to say I love it. Something new every day! I have a facebook page I started up with an album titled bees and butterflies as well- then another I am starting with "little friends" - beetles, praying mantis etc... It is so fun out here. Now if you go look at my pictures they are NOTHING like yours hahah but I read that post on your site on the photography software- I am going to look into that- I really enjoy taking the photos. You are really talented. Thanks for the comment!!