Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Love That White!

We just got in the prettiest new Salvia leucantha- I love it!!! I took a picture of it to show- photos lately have been really hard with all this wind!!!! Hopefully the wind is gone for a while. This new Salvia is so pretty though- I have never seen it- it is white with little pink blooms at the tips. It is just one of the prettiest things I have seen. I have been putting together my next bed to arrange and now that this is here I am redoing it all. Ha ha. I want this to be in there and I think I want it to be the focal point. It looks really pretty next to the Little Ollie which I love. I think you could put anything next to that and I would love it.
I took a picture of the bloom but it is just one of the prettiest things I have seen lately.

The wind has put a damper in my photo taking, though I have been having fun just experimenting with the new lens. It is amazing the clarity I get on some of the shots. I am trying to learn all the things my camera can do- I have yet to be able to capture the hummingbirds though they are still fighting over the Mexican Honeysuckle at the back. There are two and they really go at it. Maybe today I will capture them. I have it on the "runner/sport" speed so you would think I could get it, but no.

Enjoy my new favorite:

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