Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy GBBD May 2013!

vivero growers nursery
 Happy GBBD to everyone!!!!
 Hope everyone is having a great May so far- it has been wonderful here in Austin.  We have had rain off and on and the weather has been beautiful!!!  Enjoying it while we can.
 Posting some photos I have taken this week- I have not been to the nursery much this week, so relying on photos I took earlier while out there this past week/weekend.  The above is the Brugmansia which blooms like upside down trumpets- I love them- in Houston (where I used to live) my neighbors had a HUGE one- it was stunning!!
white salvia leucantha
 The white Leucantha are blooming away- always have been and always will be a favorite.
 The bees are all over the Bulbine!!!
palo verde desert museum
 The Palo Verde 'Desert Museum' is blooming away.  I can't believe how much this tree has grown in the past year!!!
red passion vine
 The red Passion Vines are blooming- love them as all the Passion Vines but something about a red one.... just love it!
peanut cactus
 The little Peanut Cactus- love this guy- such big blooms for such a little cactus.
cholla bloom
 The Chollas are blooming like mad.  Pretty purple.
bat face cuphea
 The Bat Face Cuphea- interesting little blooms- they look more like little pig faces to me but intriguing nonetheless.
goldenball lead tree
The Goldenball Lead trees are in full bloom as well.  Our neighbors tree is solid yellow.  They look like little golf balls to me all over the tree.  Hope everyone is having a great GBBD and be sure and visit May Dreams Gardens to check out what is blooming all over the world!


  1. The hibiscus is stunning-white flies took all mine away a few years ago. I must try to get some Cuphea plants, yours looks lovely..

    1. Thanks- I have always liked the Cupheas. Neat blooms.

  2. I should really try to grow a brugmansia. Not sure they would winter over well here, but I'm thinking that it would be worth a try. Lovely blooms.

  3. Gorgeous blooms! I'm lusting over your Brugmansia. So beautiful! My neighbors had one that looked like a small tree. It was so pretty when it was in bloom.

    1. I know- they are stunning- my neighbors one in Houston was HUGE.

  4. Replies
    1. What's not to love- right??? Happy GBBD!

  5. What is it about flowers that look like little animals? So adorable. All your flowers look wonderful!

  6. We have had terrific weather for the past few days as well. Some would day it has been on the cool side, but it has been perfect gardening weather. You always manage to show flowers that are interesting and unusual in your posts Kacky. I like the flowers on the Goldenball Lead tree. You don't often see flowers that round. I bet your neighbour's tree looks amazing covered in yellow flower balls.

    1. It is a really pretty tree in person. We have been having an unusually long spring here- well, just a spring here is unusual! hahaha

  7. Peanut cactus? Is that your name or a real name. it is often so hard to identify cactus. Often they come without a label. Your blooms, as always, are stunning.

    1. Ha - my name? That is funny- no, it's a Peanut Cactus. I haven't started naming plants- maybe I should. Funny. Thanks! Hope you are enjoying this weather- it's been fabulous!