Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Rain - Oh How We Love The Rain!

vivero growers
 The rain has been wonderful- just wonderful.  Everything is rejoicing in the rain!!
The Texas Sage are blooming all over town- it is a wonderful sight. 
The Cactus have been very showy this year- not sure if it is due to the rain or just a coincidence but I am happy either way.
soft caress mahonia
 The 'Soft Caress' Mahonia are beginning to bloom. 
 I love the contrast of the deep green and the bright yellow.
One of my favorite combos lately is the brightness of the Damianita and the neon purple of the Homestead Verbena.  
 The Thryallis are blooming as well- a lot of yellow I am noticing in this post.....
clerodendrum blue butterfly
 The Clerodendrum 'Blue Butterfly' are blooming as well- I think this is such an unusual flower.
cuphea cigar plant
And last but not least, the Large Cigar Plant- I love this little Cuphea. There are so many, but I have always loved this one best. it looks like candy corn to me.  
Hope everyone had a relaxing Memorial Day weekend.


  1. Those cactus blooms are beautiful! The damianita and verbena make a lovely combo. I have several Cigar plants, but I do not have the Large variety. It does look like candy corn.

  2. Lots of beautiful blooms today. It's so refreshing after a rain to go out in the garden.

    Damianita has been a surprise hit in my garden too. I added it because it is tough but the bright yellow blooms have won me over.

  3. What a fabulous surprise to get all of that rain! I'm still smiling!

    I need to add some of those cool blooming cactus to my garden. What cold hardy (zone 8) varieties would you recommend?