Friday, April 26, 2013

This Week....

 Things are really starting to bloom and take off despite this crazy weather we are having.  This week alone we saw temps ranging from 41 and 91.   The Agastache is blooming like crazy and the hummingbirds are zipping all around it.
anacacho orchid
 The Anacacho Orchids are stunning.  I love the classic white flower and small leaves.
fire spinner ice plant
 The Fire Spinners are "spinning away".  Such a cool looking little flower!!!
wisteria bloom
The Wisteria are blooming and fragrant as ever.
 The Pomegranate trees are full of blooms- can't wait for the fruit!!!
pineapple guava bloom
The Pineapple Guavas are blooming- fruit to follow. 
vivero growers nursery
The caterpillars are everywhere- love watching them!!!
Thought I'd share a few blooms that stood out this week.  
Hope you enjoy!!!


  1. Gorgeous flowers! The Agastache and Anacacho Orchids are on my plant wish list. The Fire Spinners are delightful. I've never seen them before. Hope you have a fantastic weekend:)

    1. Thanks!! Those Fire Spinners are awesome- I have them trailing out of an electric blue pot and they look awesome!!!! So much color! Hope you had a good weekend!!!

  2. You have reminded me that I must have an agastache fro my garden. Lovely blooms.

  3. Look at that gorgeous caterpillar! Love the color of that pink and orange fire spinner!

    1. They are great- and more unusual- love em!!

  4. Beautiful blooms!
    This weather has been crazy, hasn't it? It's hard enough to deal with here. How you deal with it at your garden center, must be even harder. Hopefully, we're done with the frosty mornings.

    1. Who knows- just when you think we are done with the frosts another will roll in....

  5. What amazing color you have in your garden! Spring has finally started in Maine too.