Monday, April 15, 2013

April GBBD 2013

Happy GBBD April 2013!
It has been a cactus fest lately- they are blooming left and right!!
trichocereus hybrid
Such vibrant colors- pinks, yellows, reds....
trichocereus hybrid
The blooms are so big- that's what I love about them, but then, the little ones pack a lot of punch too- see below....
cactus bloom
This one little cactus cracked me up- looks like it's a smiley face hahaha
He's all of 6 inches tall but a really heavy bloomer- every day this week had one to five blooms on him. 
I just was partial to the smiley face.  
texas betony
The Texas Betony is blooming away.  I put some in the front bed and it is doing just fine blooming away.  Tough little guys that I think don't get a lot of attention but they are pretty.
helen borcher peach
The Helen Borcher Peaches have started blooming this week, well, I guess they started last week but didn't look photo ready until this week with all the wonderful rain we have had.  Yes, rain- we've gotten some this past week and it was fabulous!!!!
iceberg rose
 The Icebergs continue to bloom away.
spanish lavender
 The Spanish Lavender- oh the Spanish Lavender.  It is wonderful.  
Covered in bees and smells divine. 
Hope everyone is having a great GBBD!!!!
Please visit May Dreams Gardens to see what's blooming all over the world!


  1. Beautiful blooms.
    Those cactus blooms are so pretty. Soft against prickly.

    Happy Bloom Day.

  2. I LOVE cactus blooms. You wait all year and then maybe for one day or if you are lucky a whole week of blooms. They sneak up on you. Happy Bloom day.

    1. Me too and they are blooming all over the place- love it!!

  3. I love that Spanish Lavender. It has such an unusual bloom. Mine does surprisingly well in part sun. Happy Bloom Day!

    1. I love it too- my favorite of them all. I have mine at home in part sun as well and it is doing great. Happy GBBD!

  4. Fun smiley face, the cactus blooms are ready for Fiesta with their bright colors.

    Spanish Lavender is pretty, mine is slow this year.

  5. The cactus blooms are really brilliant, one of my opuntia's surprised me a couple weeks ago with a big yellow bloom similar to yours. I also like the Texas betony-must try to get that.

    1. The Opuntias have a great bloom as well- the Betony is great- a tough little guy with great color.