Monday, June 4, 2012

Just Hanging With the Birds!

The birds are everywhere and are having a blast.
I saw these two new little guys and not quite sure what kind they are but I THINK they are a pair- if not, they like to hang out together.
A customer came in (a bird watcher) and told me the photo above was a female Painted Bunting and below is a Lesser Goldfinch!  Thanks for the ID!!!!
We had a male Painted Bunting last year hanging around, maybe he brought a friend or has a nest!  On the look out for him.
They sing really loud for such little birds.  
They get along with the hummingbirds apparently.  I didn't get a clear shot, but they were on the Palo Verdes along with one of the hummingbirds and could have cared less that the other was there.  I guess the little guys all get along.  haha.

It was cracking me up how they were both standing- one leg up and one leg down. 
Someone said the first one is a Goldfinch.   It kinda looks like one but I am not an expert- anyone?
I couldn't get the hummingbird next to the others but I did manage to get a shot of him.  They are everywhere.  If I had to say what their favorite plant is, I could not.  The don't seem to have a preference- they like it all!


  1. Birds are so entertaining! Great shots:)

  2. Jeg kom tilfældigt forbi din blog.
    Tak for de smukke fuglebilleder.
    Ha´ en god aften.

  3. I love hangin' out with my birds, too. It would be very sad to not have any. I even appreciate my gobs of white wing doves and the lowly sparrow.

  4. I am not surprised the birds hang out in your garden. It must be a paradise for them. A painted bunting. Now that is special.

  5. I would love to hang around with those birds. They're such a joy to look at. Especially the hummingbird, so cute.
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