Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Little Visitor Today

OK- I have to admit, not a fan of raccoons, especially when it comes to my fish/ fish tank.... but I mean, how can you not think this little guy is cute????
I mean look at him!!!
What's he looking for?  Hahahah Just looking at this cracks me up.  He looks like a little bitty bear!
He was hanging around the first shade house, crawling up the sides and peering in.  And let me just say, he was so not scared.  
I am worried that he is so young and alone.
But can you stand it???? He's so cute!


  1. It's really unusual that he is alone. Momma raccoons have their babies on a VERY tight leash at all times and there are usually 3 to 6 together. IF it is still alone tomorrow it means momma is dead. They'll eat dog food or kitten food at this age. Yes, they are cute and will even walk right up to you, but they won't stay tame after they reach teen-age hood. You can read my Raccoon Diary to find out about the babies born in my garden shed.

    1. Great Diary!!! And your pics were too cute!

  2. Yeah, that is what we were worried about since he was alone. We gave him some cat food. We were going to wait and see if he was just somehow separated and if not, and seems to stay alone will call a wildlife group or something equivalent- if anyone has suggestions please post.
    Going to read your diary now!

  3. He is very cute. I hope you can find him some help if Momma doesn't show up. I usually call Wildlife Rescue when we have any kind of lost babies around here. 472-9453. 54071 East MLK. Good luck.

  4. Thanks Diana- I will call tomorrow- I didn't see him after the pics so I thought that he'd gone back to Momma or she got him back but today we saw another one that looked really skinny eating a lizard. I am going to call them in the am first thing- thanks a lot. Momma must be gone. Hope they can help.

  5. Cute babies here. Hope they are ok now, those poor things without their momma.

  6. Such a cute face but I know they are always up to mischief. We once had a feeder for a feral cat but stopped that when the raccoon came round for dinner. Beware.