Sunday, April 22, 2012


They are just everywhere- and I mean everywhere!
 In some instances like here, there are two to a bloom!
 I walk down an aisle and butterflies flitter away left and right only to quickly settle back down to the bloom of choice.
 If I had to pick a particular flower to claim that the butterflies are on it the "most", I couldn't.  They are all enjoying everything.  
 There are a few butterflies I see, like this one above, that are unfamiliar to me.
 And then there are a few I haven't gotten very good images of but I am having a blast watching and waiting to get shots.

 I thought this was a Monarch, but it is so muted, then a Monarch came and I don't think it is now.  Anyone?
 See- it is so much more defined and so much more black.  Like a stained glass window. Love it!!!
 This little yellow guy came over too- as you can tell, the Gregg's Mistflower was a big hit this day with the butterflies.

 Not the best shot, but I had to include it- two butterflies and a little bee.  Ha!
The Monarchs and Admirals were outnumbering the others by far.
 There was also this little guy below that reminded me of a tiger.  
 That's it for my Butter-palooza.  Hope everyone had a great Earth Day!!!!


  1. The only unknown one that I can identify is a hairstreak butterfly, but there are some garden bloggers who know EVERYTHING about butterflies who will hopefully be able to identify the rest.

    Love the collection of shots!

    And yes, I sorta randomly set out for Vivero's one day and thought I'd inquire if you were there. Unfortunately not but I thought I'd introduce myself in case you were. I bought a Lion's Tail for my new side plot!! I'll be back in the near future. :)

  2. Thanks! Hairstreak butterfly- like the name- which one is he- the yellow one? Thanks!! I can google it too now that I have a name.
    I was so sorry I missed you!!! Erin said she loved the name of your blog (being a red head herself haha). She has been a great addition and tries really hard to learn about the plants- there is so much to learn!
    Those Lion's Tail are so much fun- you will love having it. Hopefully I will be there next time! It is rare that I am not there but it does happen.

  3. Gorgeous! Love all your butterfly pictures. They do seem to be out in droves. I missed them last summer. I think the lack of them was due to the drought. If I had to guess on your butterflies in question I would say: Gray hairstreak on the pink flower, a Queen butterfly enjoying the Gregg's mistflower and the little yellow one is a Sulfur butterfly. Hope that helps:)

    1. AAHHH thanks! Sulphur is quite a fitting name- that one I will easily remember. So it wasn't a Monarch! It does resemble it- thanks Queen Butterfly. and the Hairstreak - got it! Meredith said the same thing on that one- thanks!!!!

  4. What beauties. i have had so many this year, especially the Red Admirals( first photo) but also the other ones you saw too. I loved the first one. A buckeye of some kind, I think.

    1. It is crazy how many Red Admirals are out this year- I love it!!!

  5. So beautiful! You're getting some really good shots ;)

  6. Great shots! The butterflies have been so busy this year. Love it.

    1. Agreed- they are a welcomed sight! I have really been enjoying them- they are out in droves!