Thursday, September 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Here is what is blooming today in my beds!

 Ajuga 'Catlin's Giant'
 American Beautyberry- the birds are LOVING this.
'St. Elmo's' Firecracker Fern
 Salvia leucantha- can't keep the hummingbirds off this (not that I want to)!!!!  
They love it!
 Pavonia Rock Rose
 Leonotis- a personal favorite
 Brazilian Pavonia
 Pink Turk's Cap- another favorite
 Delospermum Ice Plant- very happy where it is I might add
 Oldie but goodie Tecoma stans
 Hearts and Flowers- another one that is very happy where it is.  
And last but not least, Cat Mint.  This is much prettier than the photo.

I love this day as I get to see what is blooming all over the country.  Thanks to May Dreams Gardens for hosting, be sure and check her site at May Dreams Gardens and see what is blooming.


  1. Lovely post...I really need to buck it up and plant some of the Salvia leucantha next gorgeous!

  2. My two varieties of Pavonia have finally given up blooming in the heat - impressive to see yours doing well. And I've been pondering adding the pink Turk's Cap to my shade. Happy GBBD!

  3. Ronny- the Turks Cap is one of my favorites - especially the pink. I think you could move it to the shade as long as you get some filtered sun I think it will be fine.
    Scott- thanks! I agree- the Salvia leucantha is so pretty- it is starting to bloom all over town - I love sitting on the steps and watching the hummingbirds dive in and out to get at it. They love it!