Friday, September 23, 2011

Can Anyone Identify This?

We were sitting in the office yesterday and saw this beautiful bird!  I quickly got my camera and snapped some shots- all are through the window so not the best photos but I think they are still very pretty.  
 I got a shot of his back side as well.
I loved it how he would keep one leg on one branch and step down to get to the berries on the other branch.

 He was having a blast in the American Beautyberries and didn't seem to notice my slow movement inside to get closer and closer to the window.

 I have no idea what kind of bird he is but he is beautiful.  The other day you all helped me identify the Painted Bunting- hopefully you can help me with this guy.
It was so fun to sit and watch him. 

 I eventually tried to slowly open the door but he flew away, luckily I got some good shots before I tried the door.
Thanks for looking and hopefully you can identify him!


  1. Oh! You lucky duck! An oriole of some kind. I have seen others posting about this bird. I wish they would come this way.

  2. Yes...lucky you! I think you have a Baltimore Oriole there.
    Haven't seen any around here. We had a Scott's Oriole a few times, at the birdbath. No camera in hand those times...drats!
    Have a good weekend...stay safe...

  3. What a gorgeous bird! I always thought orioles were a tropical bird (the Black-naped Oriole is common here..a really striking species seen often even in urban areas) but it seems you guys have them too..great pics! I like the color contrast between the oriole's black/yellow and the purple berries..=)

  4. Beautiful! I'm 90% certain it's a Baltimore Oriole. I've not ever seen one here in Houston.
    I've love those white stripes on the back.
    I guess they love Beautyberry as do Mockingbirds.

  5. Jenny- he is so pretty- saw him again on Friday afternoon. Right after he left, the Roadrunner jumped up on the succulent table. By the time I got my camera he was up in the tree too hidden to catch a picture. I am learning so much about birds!
    Linda- thanks for id'ing the bird!!! I had someone on the facebook page id it about the same time you did if not after. They are so pretty. We have a bunch of fun pretty birds out and about but this one was striking!
    Vida- I know- I loved the contrast- I agree the yellow/green/ black and purple- it was so pretty- even taken through a window!
    David- I really liked the black and white on the back too- glad I got a shot of that. He was loving those berries. I loved how he'd step down to get at the lower branch.

  6. Jennifer@threedogsinagarden
    How lucky you had the camera on hand! Though you are unimpressed with your photography, I actually think they are a great set of shots! I like the oriole with the purple Beautyberry in his beak. He is a very dashing fellow with his bright orange-red breast.

  7. I second that it's a Baltimore Oriole - great shots!

  8. Looks like a Baltimore Oriole. Beautiful bird and great shots!

  9. In Wisconsin, we used to put citrus up on the trees to attract them.

  10. Jennifer and Sarah and Rohrerbot- thanks for the compliment on the shots- I still have so much to learn but am trying. I still have yet to master the manual mode- those were all in automatic. I liked the shot of him with it in his beak as well. He was dashing indeed! Great colors.
    Citrus- that is interesting- have never heard of that! We have a few Satsuma Oranges around that area and some lemon trees- wonder if that is what drew him in?