Friday, June 10, 2011

I Swear I Am Not Turning This Into A Hummingbird Blog...but...

Ok, can't help it, more hummingbird shots!  But this one of the hummingbird with this bug?!?!?!  Love it!!!!  I was so excited Wednesday after capturing some shots of the hummingbirds that I have basically been stalking all year, and thought FINALLY!  I captured them!!!  Well, then I got even MORE shots.  I was and am so excited.  It was unreal.  They were so close to me- they were not bothered that I was standing out there at all. They definitely seem to have their preferences though plant wise- the White Salvia and the Black and Blue Salvia.  They venture to other things but inevitably come back to these two.  

I was having so much fun with them buzzing around me.  They could care less if I walk up closer to them or stand right in the middle of the Salvia to get the shot.  There seem to be two groups of two that fly together.  I have yet to capture that- them in air playing Avatar but I also haven't tried, maybe I will go for that next.  
Today someone told me that they are more than likely fighting.   Interesting.  I am going to keep watching and see.  I knew they were territorial but these two sets that keep together seem fine with each other- perhaps a male and a female?  I don't know a lot about hummingbirds and am still reeling that I have even been able to get any shots of them that are not total blurs that I don't hardly know what to do with myself.  


  1. Congratulations! They are elusive and you've got some great captures. I get so excited too when I get a shot of one that isn't blurry. I recently put up a new feeder and am hoping to get some shots soon. Have a great weekend!

  2. Wow! Really great shots in this and the previous post! It's so fun being able to get pictures of them since they are so fast. The hummingbirds are very territorial here, they chase each other all over the place.

  3. Jennifer@threedogsinagarden
    These are all great shots. I am surprised that they didn't mind you standing there. I always thought they were such shy birds.

  4. Thanks to all. Very fun for me to get the shots- been trying for these for months. Cat- can't wait to see your shots!!! Catherine- that is what I have always heard - that they are territorial- but there is one little pair that is still flying together- female and male? I have no idea but they seem fine both on the Trumpet Vine at the same time- Yet to get that shot.... Jennifer- I know- it is crazy- they were really close and didn't seem to mind at all- I do have a larger lens I was using but I was still really really close to them. I found a nest yesterday and thought it was a hummingbird nest as it was really little but when I googled hummingbird nests they are REALLY little so I don't think it was. I will post it and see if anyone knows what kind it is.