Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Blooms are Coming!!!

 The Cereus Cactus are getting blooms on them.  I can't wait.  They are night bloomers but I get here early enough that I see them in the mornings.  I don't remember how long it takes from this point but I just noticed these and there are 5 between two of the cactus.  So exciting!
 Here's another one and you can see behind it is yet another!
Not sure what this is going to amount to on this little guy, maybe this is all it does?  I have been watching this develop for a while now wondering if it will bloom or if this is it's thing.  This is the Peruvian Old Man Cactus.

Here is a shot of one side of the front planter- it was just planted up so it is going to take a while to fill in but I like the way it looks.  Shonna did most of the design/placement, I must give credit where credit is due.  Here we have a  mix of things and I think they all compliment each other nicely. The Furcrea gives it nice height I think.  Other plants in there are the Hamelia (which the hummingbirds have been all over by the way), Variegated Sedge, Delospermum Ice Plant, Queen Victoria Agave, White Salvia leucantha, Crassula Silver Dollar, Tecoma stans, Calandrinia, and  Schizocentron.
Here is a shot of the outer bed- it is not finished but it's a start.  The Mystic Spires Salvia are going strong and the Chocolate Mimosa I think adds a nice tropical touch to the bed.  We put a few grasses in there and two different types of Caesalpinia- the yellow form of the Pride of Barbatos and the Bird of Paradise.  I like the yellow and the purples together so I threw in a Buddleia with purple blooms to round it all out.  I am not done, still have to mulch etc... but I like the way it is coming together.  I will do close ups of the blooms and post but it is just too sunny right now to capture them nicely.

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  1. I enjoy looking at your blooming cactuses. I've killed all mine by overwatering. If it's not me, then its the thunderstorm.