Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!
I think this is a really neat thing that May Dreams Gardens has done to ask everyone to post what is blooming in their gardens!  
To be fair I only am posting plants that are blooming in the planted beds today with the one exception of the Cereus.  It was just too pretty not to share.  
Here we go- here is what is blooming today:
In the front planter- I really like this plant- it is a Brazilian Pavonia and I like the burgundy center.  I think it makes a nice contrast to the pale pink.
 The Delospermum are growing like crazy in the front planter.  Such a neat contrast to the Queen Victoria Agave (which is not blooming so no photo).
The Hamelia are full of blooms.
The Tecoma are full of blooms as well- little late in the day to be taking photos on most of these but I got here late so had to deal with the sun on the plants that aren't shaded so sorry some of the photos aren't better.
Plumbago, how can you ever go wrong with Plumbago? 
The Mexican Bird of Paradise Caesalpinia.  So interesting I think with the red sprays.
The White Salvia are blooming like mad- did a close up so you can see the touches of pink.
The Palo Verde- got a little bee in the one bloom to the right.  He was unphased I was there nor was he phased by the wind which was making my photo session difficult.
The Thyrallis are blooming away.  I will admit this has never been my favorite plant but Shonna swears if I just give it time I will come to love it.  We shall see. 
Mystic Spires Salvia, oldie but goodie.  How can you not love these?  I have it in the side bed by the Caesalpinia - I think there are only purple and yellow flowers in this bed.  I also have the other Caesalpinia at the opposite end that is all yellow but it wasn't in full bloom today- when he is showing off I will post that- a really pretty one.
Cat Mint bloom- in my purple and yellow bed of course.  This is a neat little plant.
There you have it.  Everything I have that is in bloom and pretty enough to post. Hope you enjoy.  I wish I had gotten here a little earlier so the sun would not have been quite so bright for the shots.  Now I am off to continue looking at all the pretty posts!!!


  1. Hello to all- I somehow deleted my blog roll. UGH! If you notice that you aren't on there please make a comment so I can re-add you. So sorry. Total operator error!!!!

  2. White salvia! How neat is that? I love that cactus blossom, and the white pavonia. Happy GBBD!

  3. What an impressive group of blooms you have on this fabulous 104-degree day! I'm not familiar with cat mint bloom--very pretty. I agree with you about plumbago. The Brazilian pavonia is really growing on me, too. Thanks for the idea.

  4. So many wonderful blooms that won't grow in the gardens here... I appreciate the opportunity to see how well they've done for you! Larry

  5. I love that Salvia...such a cooling influence on hot days!

  6. Great blooms. I'm going to have to come and visit your nursery.