Thursday, May 5, 2011

Little of This and a Little of That

What an incredible day today!!!  I could take a few weeks of this weather.  I guess I was feeling a little purple today in my photos- no real plan but seem to have a purple theme going on.  The Delospermum Ice Plant I think is a great accent for pots, planters and cactus beds.  I have seen it planted a few different ways and I have yet to be disappointed.  It is a great little punch of color.  Several of the California customers say it feels like home to see the Ice Plant as it is literally everywhere in CA.   I love the vibrant green and purple combination.
The Agastache Tutti Frutti is another one that is becoming a customer favorite.  I don't know if it is the pretty color of the flowers or the fragrance but it is not lacking in either category.

The Texas Star Hibiscus is an old time favorite.  I have had several questions about this one as I guess many have not seen it and think it is something quite the opposite.... ha ha
I hadn't thought about it until the first person asked, but I guess it does resemble another plant, but it is simply a Texas Star Hibiscus that blooms an incredible bright red flower and is quite striking.
Last but not least I will end the post with my side kick Peat.  He followed me around today weaving in and out of the plants yet sticking right by me as I walked the aisles.  He is one of the most unique cats I have ever known, had or encountered.  I think he thinks he is a dog at times, as he literally follows me around and comes when I call.  He's a little stinker and we love him.
Here he ended our "photo walk" by collapsing next to the Agave celsii, where he proceeded to attempt to take a little bite- which I am happy to report he did not. He quickly discovered this was not to his liking, bounced inside, ate and took his spot behind the desk where it took him all of 5 minutes to fall asleep.
What a life!


  1. Ice plant really reminds me of Southern California, I love it. I think I might have 'Tutti Frutti' in a container planting. I love it's smell. Peat is so cute! Love his name.

  2. Jennifer@threedogsinagarden
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Peat is very cute! It is quite the life of leisure that our pets enjoy! My boys are snoozing at my feet as I type this. Your flowers seem very exotic to my Canadian eyes. I like hot pinky-mauve colored flowers.