Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Cactus are Blooming The Cactus are Blooming!!

 It was worth the wait- it opened and HOW BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
This is the Trichocereus c. hybrid.  It is just amazing.  The bloom is so large.  This was the first of many to come.  There is one with about 10 blooms on it- I can't wait to see if they all open at the same time- what an incredible sight that would be.
 The Opuntia 'Santa Rita' opened as well.  Another beautiful bloom.  I love the yellow with the purple color of the cactus.  Nice combination.
And the Barrels have begun to bloom as well.  We have a few others getting ready to open up that I will post but I was just too excited not to share!

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