Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Very Late GBBD Post

Better late than never right?
Or I can just say here what has been showing off lately.  =0)
Salvia Amistad
 The hummingbirds are out and about and just so much fun to watch. 
red ruellia
 Never ever do I tire watching them.
palo verde desert museum
 The Palo Verde's are blooming away- such a great tree- ours is HUGE.
bottlebrush bloom
 The Bottlebrush are blooming- no wonder how they got their name.  
almond verbena
 The Almond Verbena are as fragrant as ever. 
sesbania rattlebox
 The Sesbania are blooming away as well.  Also known as the Rattlebox Tree and if you have ever shook their seed pods you know why…..
golden saguaro cactus blooms
And last but not least- the crown not of thorns but of blooms on the Golden Saguaro Cactus.  These guys never disappoint. 
Hope everyone has had a great summer and yes, can you stand it, fall is almost here.
Hard to believe it s back to school time and Labor Day is almost here.  That always for me marks the end of summer.


  1. It's all lovely. I just love those Hummers too. Such fun. We had a couple juvenile males displaying, Must have been practicing for next spring

  2. Thanks! How fun to have seen that! Practicing for next spring hahaha.