Sunday, July 27, 2014


Chicago.  Who doesn't love Chicago?  
We just returned from a wonderful visit where we had a packed schedule visiting local nurseries, The Chicago Botanical Gardens and the gardens and conservatory at Lincoln Park.  The weather could not have been better.  It was a jam packed time and a wonderful one.  I love going other places to get inspired at how different things are combined and planted together.   Enjoy!

 I enjoyed walking the gardens and their different settings.  Most all incorporated some sort of water feature - a pond, fountain or waterfall.
 I was impressed at all the combinations.  Very well thought out.

 One can never go wrong with mass plantings of Russian Sage.

 Simple yet perfect.
 The Clematis planted next to the Black Scallop Ajuga (one of my favorite little guys).
 Love the color!!!
 So peaceful.
 The entrance- knocks you out with color, texture and variety!!
This will be the last post for this section.  'Wendy's Wish' Salvia, always a show stopper.  I love how they paired it with so many other striking colors.  I will post the Japanese Garden section next- very tranquil and peaceful setting.


  1. Hello Kacky girl and wow ! these gardens are gorgeous ! ... I always think "simple" is hands down perfect .. but love the multitude of different plantings to pack a punch as well. Loved the mass of Russian sage .. I just planted a fair sized one as a specimen to mix it up in my sun strip.
    We are having the coolest, wettest July since we moved here 1999 .. so the garden is relaxed and loving it .. so am I! haha
    Looking forward to the Japanese garden tour : )

  2. The colors are so vivid in the north. Did you visit Frank Lloyd Wrights neighborhood?

  3. I've been to Chicago but not to the Botanical Gardens - how lovely! Thanks for the tour. Your path photos draw me into the landscape.