Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Part 3- A Visit to El Charco del Ingenio, San Miguel de Allende

 Here are the remainder of my photos from our visit to El Charco del Ingenio, San Miguel de Allende.  It was so incredible to see everything in a natural setting.  If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend a visit!  It is wonderful! 
 Above is a photo of the Dam of the Reservoir.  The following are photos of the area near the dam.

 This is a Furcrea.  These are not cold hardy in our area but make great container specimens.
 I love lichen grows on the rocks- the vibrant colors amaze me. 
 Above is a view into the canyon.  The view in person is stunning. 
 This is a little area they have called the Plaza of the Four Winds which have several Pre-Columbian symbols which are beautiful. 

There is lavender everywhere- they have a beautiful display of it in the Plaza- you can see it and smell it all over town as well- it thrives in the dry climate there. 
The Watermill Ruins (shown above) are remarkably in good shape considering their age.
This concludes my "tour" of our visit.  I hope you enjoyed the photos- several of you have written me directly with questions- please feel free to do so- we had an incredible time and am happy to share experiences, give suggestions on the town etc… It was truly amazing. 


  1. What a wonderful place. I liked the lichen shot especially. Thanks for warming me up on a cold winter day in Maine.

  2. It was amazing!!!! I know it's cold there but your photos are so pretty!!!!!