Saturday, January 25, 2014

Part 2- A Visit to El Charco del Ingenio, San Miguel de Allende

Here we go for Part 2 of our visit to El Charco del Ingenio, Mexico, the Botanical Garden in San Miguel de Allende.  This was a neat little "cave" they had there you could go inside.  They had a fun little area for kids (and grown-ups…)
 The Conservatory was a beautiful collection and display of a wide variety of cacti and succulents from all over Mexico.
 Some were clearly more fragile than others and were in little cages.
 I loved this little display- the Burro Tail has always been a favorite and I love how it cascades over the rock in this pairing.
 They had nice little plaques on some of the plants detailing name and region.
 The displays were pretty- they used every square inch in a creative way.  They had a little water area running through the middle as well which added to the atmosphere.
 Another setting.
 I loved the structure of this one.
 Another fun little setting.
 The Reservoir can ben seen from just about all the pathways.
 I liked this display.
 Here is a little fern, Scaly Cloak Fern, that has gotten a lot of attention (at least in Austin) as of late- here it is seen growing out of some rocks- there were several here and there but I liked how this one was peeking out.  
 The ducks sunbathing on the little island.
 I am not sure what this was but I liked it.
Another little guy I was not sure what it was but I liked the texture to it.  I will post the final part which has photos of the dam and the canyon area next to that which was really amazing.

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