Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June- already????

I mean seriously.  Where does the time go?
 I can't believe it is June already.  Spring was so nice here this year.  I think the first time I can remember in a long time that we actually even HAD a spring.
The Agapanthus are in full bloom - love the big burst of blooms.
pedilanthus lady slipper
We had rain, cool mornings, nice weather, nights sitting out on the patio and did I mention rain?
Had almost forgot what a real spring was like.
The Pedlianthus 'Lady's Slipper' are blooming- such unique subtle blooms.
philippine violet
The Philippine Violets are blooming,
oregano amethyst falls
 The Oregano- I love how this variety cascades.
white plumbago
 The White Plumbago never disappoint.
victoria blue salvia
 The 'Victoria Blue' Salvia are in full bloom as well.
san pedro cactus bud
The San Pedro Cactus are budding up- can't wait for them to open!!
beach vitex
The Beach Vitex are blooming- hands down a favorite of mine- I love the soft green with the soft purple blooms.
vivero growers nursery
We have baby birds in various nests, hummingbirds buzzing around left and right, a few varieties of bees pollenating the flowers little lizards lounging in the sun, it has been simply wonderful.
Thought I'd post a few pics of all that has been happening as of late here at the nursery.


  1. I'm growing Philippine Violet this year for the first time. I bought 1 gallon plants and they have already doubled in size and are blooming. Do you think they will keep blooming all the way to their big bloom period in fall?

  2. Everything looks so beautiful. Love the Agapanthus and Oregano. My Philippine Violets are not blooming yet. They look so pretty when they are all bloomed out.

    1. I know- I love em- great little plants. The Agapanthus have been popular today with the bees and hummingbirds. I hadn't ever seen the hummingbirds on the Agapanthus but they are all over it today. Too cute.

  3. Kacky what amazing plants you have ! .. that Lady's Slipper is so unusual and stunning. The oregano is gorgeous .. I have two Kent Beauty I hope will look pretty when they put on more growth .. so much is going on and so far we are having cooler weather thank heavens .. I hate the heat and humidity of high summer. June just hit so quickly didn't it ? .. love the lizard !! LOL
    Joy : )

    1. Thanks! I love that little oregano as well- it has such pretty little blooms. These just got started rockin' and rollin'. I have em in a big pot with this new little grass that is starting to bloom as well and some Knife Blade Acacia- they all have just taken off this week. Today is wonderful. Simply wonderful. That lizard was so funny- he was hanging out the last 2-3 weeks on the statue. Laying on his head, looking up at him as if in deep conversation, on his shoulder. It was so funny. Haven't seen him this afternoon but I am sure he's close-by.

  4. My Philippine Violet didn't make it. It tried and tried. But, every time it put on new growth, we'd have another frost. It just gave up.

    I do like that oregano. Very pretty.