Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy GBBD!

salvia oceana
A few shots for GBBD!
Above is the Salvia 'Oceana'.  I love the color of this Salvia- Salvia's are hard to beat- we just started growing this one and I love the color- almost an indigo blue- striking I think.
san pedro cactus
The San Pedro Cactus blooms are MASSIVE.  I don't know if you can tell in this photo but let me assure you- they are HUGE!
kalanchoe bloom
 The Kalanchoes are blooming all over the place- we have several varieties and all have beautiful candelabra style blooms that are beautiful!
hesperaloe chiangii bloom
The Hesperaloe Chiangii are blooming- I love these Yuccas- one of the few Yuccas that aren't sharp and pointy!  The bloom spike is so tall!!!!  The one in the front sign bed is blooming as well.  
golden barrel cactus
The Barrel Cactus are starting to bloom!
mountain sage
  The Mountain Sage, Salvia regla are blooming away and the hummingbirds are all over it!!!
And last but not least, not a bloom but a sleepy little frog hanging out catching some zzzz's...
Hope everyone is having a great summer!!!
Be sure and check out May Dreams Gardens to see what is blooming all over!


  1. Great blooms! Is that San Pedro cactus hardy in zone 8 or do you grow it in a container?

    1. Thanks! Happy GBBD! They would need to be protected- I would suggest to grow it in a container and with a hard freeze either bring in or protect the tops.

  2. Also happy blooms day! Love the salvias. Wish I could have seen the cactus flower with something to compare for scale!

    1. I thought about that later- putting something next to it to show the scale- it was massive. Happy GBBD!

  3. I enjoying salvias in my garden here too at the moment. Love the colour of your blue one.

    1. Salvias are hard to beat- I love that blue one too- hard to pick which is my favorite though.... Happy GBBD!

  4. Beautiful flowers! I can never have enough Salvias in the garden. I'll be looking for that one.
    Happy GBBD! david/:0)

    1. Right? They are so easy and such great color. It's a nice one you'll love it. Happy GBBD!