Thursday, March 10, 2011

Have a blooming good day!

Jerusalem Sage

Spider Aloe
Mexican Thornless Lime
Mountain Laurel, love these blooms, they look like bunches of grapes
Aloe petricola bloom

I have been having fun running around taking photos of all the new blooms so I thought I'd share. Have to admit loving this weather and crossing everything I have we don't have another freeze. I am not a winter person, hence I live in Texas. It is fun to visit for a weekend or maybe just maybe a week but other than that, I am a not a fan of the cold. Things have been really busy making new buds, flowers, growing, it is so exciting.
I am anxiously awaiting all the budding plants and trees - everything seems ready to pop. I have already posted my favorite, the Lion's Tail, (the Leonotis) but am starting to wonder as things start to open it might have some competition...
I love my new camera I have to say yet again, the difference in the photos is amazing. Thank you again to my sweet husband not only for the camera, but the new lens as well.

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