Friday, March 2, 2018


I have to keep checking the calendar- March?  It is March?
Where does the time go?  I am happy though as it means spring is almost here!!!  I for one am ready.
It is amazing how things have changed in the past week- things are blooming, butterflies are flying around, bees are buzzing around, "sticks" have come to life.  Spring is such an amazing time with all the new growth and awakening!!!
citrus blooms
 The citrus are loaded with blooms and the fragrance is intoxicating. 
peach blooms
 The peaches are blooming away as are the plums.
Galaxy Magnolia
 The 'Galaxy' Magnolia blooms are beautiful and incredibly fragrant.  This was a new plant for me, it was a special order,  I loved watching and enjoying the blooms it while it was with us.  
Dwarf Bottlebrush
 The Dwarf Bottlebrush are always a favorite- the blooms are so vibrant!!!
Spanish Lavender
 The Lavender.... who doesn't love Lavender???????
Galaxy Magnolia
Finally a bloom of the 'Galaxy' bloom opened- the bees were all over it- it was wonderful!!!
Hope you enjoyed the blooms!!