Wednesday, April 16, 2014

If Only You Could Scratch and Sniff

If only you could scratch and sniff the photos!!!
Copper Canyon Daisy
 The Copper Canyon Daisy have a wonderfully divine lemon smell.
Thomas Affleck Rose
 The Thomas Affleck Rose- I want to cut off all the blooms off and take them inside.
The Wisteria- how can anyone NOT love the Wisteria!!!
cactus bloom
The cactus bloom is not fragrant but it was so pretty I just had to include it anyway.
Spring is here - and I for one could not be more excited.
Hopefully we have seen the last of the cold snaps- it was 34 here this week and 78 today.  Texas.  All I can say.  Gotta love it.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Well I Do Declare, I Think Spring is Here

vivero growers nursery
 I think it is safe to say, spring is here.  I for one could not be happier. 
Santa Rita Cactus bloom
 Everything is starting to wake up from dormancy, things are blooming, butterflies are all over the place, hummingbirds are out and bees are everywhere working over the flowers.  The Santa Rita Cactus are loaded with blooms.
Helen Borcher Peach bloom
 The Helen Borcher Peaches are blooming away.
Dianthus bloom
 The Dianthus are so happy and dainty- a personal favorite.
Calandrinia spectabilis bloom
 The Calandrinia are blooming- a long time love of mine.
Guara bloom
 The Guara… did I mention everything is starting to bloom???
Acanthus Mollis bloom
 The Acanthus spike is opening up- such a cool texture and bloom.
The China Snow are just about solid white with blooms.
Vivero Growers Nursery
 I love this time of year!!!!