Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today's Stars!

Today is a short but sweet post- I have been feeling under the weather and walked around letting the sun shine on me- the best medicine I can give myself.   A few things struck me today; the Whales Tongue, White Plumbago and the Cannas.  The Whales Tongue Agave is one of my all time favorites- I like the smaller agaves as well, but the larger ones I always seem to marvel at.  The Whales Tongue has always stood out to me with it's large blue leaf and  has always gotten my attention.
The White Plumbago is a unique plant that has gotten my attention as of late.  I am very familiar with standard blue color but the white was a new one for me.   They seem to be thriving and enjoying the Texas sun.

The Cannas are in bloom and striking.  The red leaves and the orange/red flowers I think is a remarkable combination.  I would never have thought to put these two colors together but they are stunning.  Everyone compliments them when they pass by.  I had to feature these as they are definitely showing off today.  These are the Canna Australis and they perform like a regular canna, they will die down and come back.
I had hoped to show off the front bed but it is not quite ready for it's photo debut.  The Ligularia is just about back full grown and Fox Tail Fern has taken off and is thriving.  The little Schizosentron are starting to take off as well and starting to "do their thing". All the ferns and the Japanese Aurelia are doing great too.  Hopefully it will be ready soon for it's photo debut!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

I felt it appropriate to post a lily on "Easter Eve".  
I love the Daylilies- I have them along one side of the walkway leading to the office.  This is the Daylily Aztec Gold.
The Palo Verde 'Desert Museum' is one of my all time favorites.  Like the name, palo verde, they are like green sticks and they bloom a yellow flower and I absolutely love them.  I planted one near the gate and it is in full bloom and looks stunning in my opinion.

  The Pedlianthus are in bloom- this one I have been anticipating since we got this in.  It is a really different unique looking plant and the fact it blooms only makes it more intriguing to me.  Michael says it is not technically a bloom but to me it looks like a bloom.
And last but not least is the Mexican Flame Vine.  These just went into bloom as well.  I have a few of these in the garden out front and those particular ones are not in bloom yet, but these are so I posted them.  I think they are a pretty flower- a new vine for me.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ga What?

Gazania.  That is what it's called.  Bizarre name (to me anyway) but it has moved ranks to my new favorite. I even like the name.  Gazania.  I just like to say it.  It is so pretty.  The colors are so vibrant and the contrast of the colors of the petals with the leaves of the plant are a perfect combination.  Apparently this is planted all over California but it was the first time for me to see it and I fell instantly in love.  

I wanted to share two others I had been waiting on to see what they were going to reveal and it was worth the wait.  The Salvia 'Black and Blue' is stunning.  I have placed one right by the door so I can see it all day.  No wonder how it got it's name but it is really pretty and unique I thought.  It grows about 3-4' and is nice as it can tolerate a few hours of shade.  It is always so hard to find pretty blooming things that can stand the shade (of which Texas does not have a lot of....).

And last but certainly not least is the Desert Willow 'Bubba'.  I was so excited to see this had opened up today. This variety has a little darker purple flower than the sp. and shows off a little more in my opinion.
I have captured some great butterfly shots that I am about ready to post- I was trying to get a variety of different ones but there seem to be two in particular that like to pose while the others keep flying away (like that little hummingbird I am determined to get in focus).  Hopefully tomorrow I will have captured at least one more variety and can post.  We just got some of the Almond Verbena in and there is one little butterfly that will not leave it's side.  He will for sure make his debut.       

Monday, April 18, 2011

Today's Favorites

First of all I would like to send out a huge thank you to Lancashire Rose, and her incredible post on her blog, Rock Rose, about the nursery.  If you have not visited her site, it is by far my favorite one to read.  I look forward to her posts daily and she is an inspiration.  She takes incredible photographs and always leaves me with more information about plants, gardening and the combination there of. 

I don't really have a theme today, I just went around and photographed the things that stood out to me today.  I don't think I can ever nor will I ever get tired of the Spanish Lavender.  I have it right by the door and do this on purpose so that I can see it pretty much all day long.  It is so fragrant and full of bees and butterflies and is just a happy plant.  We had sold out of them over the weekend but luckily for me, got more in this morning.  My day is complete.  =) 
 I think this is the most bizarre plant.  It is pretty yet fierce.  It has the berries and pretty little red flowers but will "bite" you and it means business.  It is called Mahonia baeli.
 The Copper Canyon Daisy...aaahhhh the fragrance.  Love them.  These arrived this morning and I put them in two place just so I can see them from basically every point in the nursery.  They are just happy flowers.
 The Yarrow Paprika- beautiful bright little blooms.  
I will end today's post with the bloom spike of the Yucca rupicola twisted leaf.   I have (im)patiently been waiting for this to open.  I can't wait to see what it does.  Today was the first day it looked a little different- hopefully it is ready to open soon.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Chilly Morning!!

It's chilly out there but looks like it is going to be another beautiful day.  The last few days have been incredible and the plants seem to be responding.  We have butterflies everywhere- the Monarchs, Swallowtail and a few I don't know the identity of but all are having a grand time.  The hummingbird is still buzzing around in the front area but still too quick for me to capture a good picture of him, but I am not giving up.
A few blooms I captured today- the Butterfly Iris which I never get tired of seeing (first photo).
 The Calandrinia is so pretty- I have been anticipating this bloom for weeks!!!  They are finally starting to open up.  It is such a pretty contrast against the green/silver of the plant.
 The Philadelphus Mock Orange is so pretty- it reminds me of the Dogwood blooms.
 The Mexican Bird of Paradise continues to open up- the Caesalpinia gilliesii; truly one of my favorites.
 The yellow yuccas, Hesperaloe parviflora 'Yellow', I think are just pretty- a subtle yet really unique color combination I think.  
 The Pomegranate 'Wonderful' is starting to bloom, I am excited about what is to follow- I love pomegranates!!!!  Can't wait till the fruit is on and ripens!
And last but not least today is the Mexican Olive Tree.  I finally got a shot of the bloom though I am not entirely happy with the shot but the wind started to kick up so inside I went.

Monday, April 11, 2011

In Bloom!!

 The Goldenball Lead Trees are in bloom!!!!!!
 The 'Frazzle Dazzle' Dykia's are in bloom!!!! 
And last but not least, the Pineapple Guavas are in bloom!!!

All are things I have been waiting to see!!!  There are several I am still watching- the Bird of Paradise, Mexican Bird of Paradise- which I think is about to burst any day now- and a few others are coming out.  The Pomegranate 'Wonderful' showed some color yesterday but I am going to give it another day I think to finish so it can completely show off and will post that along with the Mexican Olive; which is in bloom as well but I have yet to be able to capture a good photo of.  The Twisted Leaf Yuccas are about ready to open as well, we have two kinds of them, green and a more silver/blue one.  Michael isn't here right now to tell me the official names but when I post them I will have them.  =)  The front garden is almost ready for it's photo op, a few more days I think- the Ligularia are slow to rise but just about there- everything else though is happy and full and looking great.  Will post soon.  Hope you enjoy today's photos!!  

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Feeling Pink

I just noticed that everything I was drawn to today was pink.  I am so glad the wind has calmed down I don't hardly know what to do with myself.  I thought we were all going to blow away yesterday.  I enjoyed my morning walking around the nursery picking up things that had been laid down to protect it from falling yesterday- which was just about everything!!!!  After I was done with that I went around trying to capture the hummingbird that is just too quick for me.  There is one that is hanging around having a ball with all the flowers but I can't seem to capture him.  If you look closely on the photo above with the citrus blooms you can see him- sadly this is the best shot I got of him.  While out trying to capture him I was drawn it would seem to pink.  The front garden is coming along but still not photo ready just yet though things are filling out and looking really pretty.  Maybe next week.  So for today, I went with pink.  
The pink Double Knock Out Roses are screaming with color - so bright and happy!!!  
The Pandorea jasminoides (a new favorite) is a lighter pink and harder to capture on the camera but I really like it so I included it.  
The Cecile Bruner roses are climbing away and busting out with this warmer weather. 
 The pink and white salvia 'Theresa' I think is still my favorite though I love the 'Hot Lips' I must admit.  Who can pick????  
And lastly to round up my pink mood for the day is the Coral Bean which looks pink to me but Michael said is red when it opens up.  I am throwing it in with my pinks cause it looks pink to me.  

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Few Favorites From Today

Mexican Bird of Paradise ready to bloom!!! Can't wait- one of my favorites!!!
The Oak Leaf Hydrangeas are starting to bloom.
The Japanese Maple I think looks beautiful in front of the Big Tooth Maple. Love the contrast!!!!
And last but not least, the Acanthus Mollis. Another of my favorites.
A few favorites of the day. Thought I'd share!!