Friday, March 28, 2014

The Butterflies Have Arrived!

It is actually starting to look and feel like spring here.  Not sure how long till summer is upon us but I am really enjoying this spring weather.  The hummingbirds are out and about- no still no good clear shots- and the butterflies are everywhere.  They are much better subjects.  =0)
Hope everyone is enjoying this weather!!!!  I am!!!!
Happy Spring to everyone!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

I'm So Excited!!!

The hummingbirds are here!  The hummingbirds are here!
This is the best shot I got today of them but they are here- working the Aloes and the 'Wendy's Wish' Salvia.  I have not gotten a clear shot of them there but I did manage to get this one of one perched on the Sycamore tree.  I am so excited!!!
aloe bloom
This would be one of the Aloe blooms they are hovering over yet do you see the hummingbird in the photo- I know… I couldn't get him.
But I am not giving up.
salvia bloom
 Here are a few other things that I think look pretty right now but all I seem to be focused on is, well, that the hummingbirds are here!!!!!!  The little Salvia is starting to bloom. 
Acanthus Mollis bloom
 The Acanthus Mollis are starting to bloom. 
Japanese Maple
And last but not least the Maples are vibrant! 
 That's all for now as see, I have a hummingbird to "catch"!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Mixed Bag

agave bloom
Here is kind of a mixed bag of things I have been taking pictures of lately- hope you enjoy!
The above is a bloom spike from one of the agaves I have in a display pot- though I love the bloom it makes me sad cause I know it is the end of the road for the little guy.  I might pull him out and redo the pot and just pop him in the ground.  Who knows.  I can't decide.
Japanese Maple
 The Japanese Maples are so dainty- I just love them.  Such a pretty color and nice contrast I think.
flowering quince
 These little guys have not disappointed.  The Flowering Quince are full of flowers and the bees are very excited I might add.
spanish lavender
 I never ever tire of the Spanish Lavender.  Of all the Lavender, it is and probably always will be my favorite.  I love the rich purple and the lavender together. 
gopher plant
And last but not least the Gopher Plant.  They are covered in blooms and covered in bees.  I am just happy the bees are hard at work and that we have plenty of blooms for them.
Just a little bit of this and that.  Hope you enjoy!