Monday, September 26, 2011

Thank You Community Impact News!

A year already?

I know- what I thought- a year!  
I can't believe we have been here one year!  I wanted to send out a special thank you to Community Impact News for the write up on us they did announcing our anniversary. Click here to read! We are item #20.
If you would have asked me a year ago if I would love this I would have probably answered no.  I wouldn't have been more wrong.  I actually look forward to going to work and miss it when I am not there- as nutty as that sounds it's true.  The flowers, birds, bees, butterflies alone are enough to make it a place to want to be day after day.  Wrap that up with all that I have learned, watching the plants grow - many that I myself grew, hearing myself talk to customers about plants, being astonished at times all I have absorbed and learned.  Now, that isn't to say that I don't still ask Michael questions from time to time to verify information or questions, cause I do.  Maybe it's the teacher in me, but I make sure what I am saying is right, no embarrassment there in asking him questions (or Shonna- another valuable resource).
So thank you again to Community Impact News for the article.  A year!  Wow!
And a special thank you to all of our customers that we have met along the way- we couldn't have done it without you.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Can Anyone Identify This?

We were sitting in the office yesterday and saw this beautiful bird!  I quickly got my camera and snapped some shots- all are through the window so not the best photos but I think they are still very pretty.  
 I got a shot of his back side as well.
I loved it how he would keep one leg on one branch and step down to get to the berries on the other branch.

 He was having a blast in the American Beautyberries and didn't seem to notice my slow movement inside to get closer and closer to the window.

 I have no idea what kind of bird he is but he is beautiful.  The other day you all helped me identify the Painted Bunting- hopefully you can help me with this guy.
It was so fun to sit and watch him. 

 I eventually tried to slowly open the door but he flew away, luckily I got some good shots before I tried the door.
Thanks for looking and hopefully you can identify him!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Here is what is blooming today in my beds!

 Ajuga 'Catlin's Giant'
 American Beautyberry- the birds are LOVING this.
'St. Elmo's' Firecracker Fern
 Salvia leucantha- can't keep the hummingbirds off this (not that I want to)!!!!  
They love it!
 Pavonia Rock Rose
 Leonotis- a personal favorite
 Brazilian Pavonia
 Pink Turk's Cap- another favorite
 Delospermum Ice Plant- very happy where it is I might add
 Oldie but goodie Tecoma stans
 Hearts and Flowers- another one that is very happy where it is.  
And last but not least, Cat Mint.  This is much prettier than the photo.

I love this day as I get to see what is blooming all over the country.  Thanks to May Dreams Gardens for hosting, be sure and check her site at May Dreams Gardens and see what is blooming.

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Butterflies Are Out

I don't know if it is the cool mornings we have been having or just simply the time of year, but the butterflies are out and I couldn't be happier.

 There is one pair of Monarchs that are flying around together that I have not been able to capture but will keep trying.  It is beautiful to watch them flying, zig zagging and diving around the plants.

I am not a butterfly expert- not do I pretend to be- but I do love to photograph them.  
Hope you enjoyed the shots.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thank You Austin Herb Society

I won! I won! I won! 
My first time ever to win anything and look at the beautiful vase I won!
We recently became sponsors of the Austin Herb Society and were invited to a luncheon this past Tuesday.   I must say, I had the nicest time.  (not only because I won, though that didn't hurt).
The Austin Herb Society is a group of people in the Austin area that (quoting their pamphlet) are dedicated to educating members and the community about herbs, including propagation, landscaping, history, folklore and the culinary, medicinal and decorative uses of herbs.   They have meetings throughout the year and even have a culinary group that meets.   Once a month they have a guest speaker and I was fortunate enough to be present to hear Judy Barrett speak on "Treasuring our Heirlooms: Herbs and Beyond".  
She is a very talented and personable speaker and had me along with the crowd laughing through her stories while at the same time receiving valuable and interesting information.
After the speech we were all asked to look under our chairs to see if we had a number and I did!!!  Lucky number 7!  
I can not think of a better prize to win other than a beautiful vase to remember my experience.  I brought it back to the nursery and filled it with a few of my favorites- the Almond Verbena, Mystic Spires Salvia, Red Turks Cap (I admit the pink is my favorite but with this mix I opted for the red) and the Thyrallis.  I think they make a stunning arrangement to which I plan to keep out on display in the office.   I am already planning out my next grouping.
Thank you to all the nice people that I met that helped make it an enjoyable day. 

If you would like information on the Austin Herb Society, please visit their website at 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mystery Solved

Well I hadn't seen the one of our fish in a few days and this morning walked up and saw this.....
Guess I know where he went.
I have mixed feelings here as I fill up the tank so there is water for the birds etc. to drink, but I am not offering up my fish as a snack.
I have asked Michael to make a screen to put over it at night- we will have to see how that works out.  I have a Dwarf Papyrus in there and a lily pad that blooms (hence is not flat) so I need to allow for that somehow, perhaps a net of sorts?
I had a similar problem in my fountain in Houston.  I had this beautiful Italian fountain I got at Thompson & Hanson and filled it with the prettiest little fantail guppies that were so fun to watch, then one day there were like three.  Michael devised a screen that was "raccoon proof" and solved the problem.  Luckily they reproduce rapidly.  Before long there were several swimming around again.  Those little fan tail ones are really pretty, though I preferred the blue ones. Now to wait and see what he comes up with for the tank.
Hopefully everyone stays down until we get it sorted out.