Friday, August 28, 2015

Cactus Love (and a few other things...)

A few shots of some of the cactus and such as of late that have stood out. 
 The 'Lady Slippers' Pedlianthus are blooming- these to me are such cool plants- they do these small petite little "blooms" which look like ladies slippers and then make this little pod. 
 perucian cereus
 The Peruvian Cereus are busy making their fruit.  In a few shots you can see them a few days later starting to ripen.  Another name for this is the Peruvian Apple.  
opuntia santa rita
 What's not to love about this little guy?  The Santa Rita pad grew like a heart!  It isn't entirely uncommon but always really neat when it happens. 
San Pedro Cactus
 The San Pedro Cactus are growing like crazy.  They don't seem to mind the heat.
peruvian cereus fruit
 A shot of the Peruvian Cereus fruit about a week later- they are really interesting tasting if you have not- almost kiwi like. 
road runner
This little guy was hanging out today- he was so funny making all these sounds. I dind't want to bother him too much so I snapped a few shots and let him be.
Hope all is well with everyone!!!