Sunday, October 15, 2017

GBBD October 2017

Happy GBBD October 2017!
I still can't believe it is October.  Crazy.  Time is flying by entirely too fast.  It is finally fall here in Austin, Texas and also finally starting to feel like it.  Lots of things blooming and looking great lately- hope you enjoy!

Greggs mistflower
 Gregg's Mistflower
Pink Bottlebrush
Pink Bottlebrush
 The succulents are showing off with the cooler weather and turning new fun colors!

Monarch butterfly
 The Monarch's are out and about- not a bloom but not to be missed either!!
Hummingbird with Lions Tail
The Lion's Tail are blooming and the hummingbirds are happy about it!
Yellow Yucca
The Yellow Yucca are blooming.  
Hope you all enjoyed the photos!  It's a fun time of year and I am enjoying the cooler weather.  If you haven't visited May Dreams Gardens visit it to see blooms all over the world!!!