Sunday, April 22, 2012


They are just everywhere- and I mean everywhere!
 In some instances like here, there are two to a bloom!
 I walk down an aisle and butterflies flitter away left and right only to quickly settle back down to the bloom of choice.
 If I had to pick a particular flower to claim that the butterflies are on it the "most", I couldn't.  They are all enjoying everything.  
 There are a few butterflies I see, like this one above, that are unfamiliar to me.
 And then there are a few I haven't gotten very good images of but I am having a blast watching and waiting to get shots.

 I thought this was a Monarch, but it is so muted, then a Monarch came and I don't think it is now.  Anyone?
 See- it is so much more defined and so much more black.  Like a stained glass window. Love it!!!
 This little yellow guy came over too- as you can tell, the Gregg's Mistflower was a big hit this day with the butterflies.

 Not the best shot, but I had to include it- two butterflies and a little bee.  Ha!
The Monarchs and Admirals were outnumbering the others by far.
 There was also this little guy below that reminded me of a tiger.  
 That's it for my Butter-palooza.  Hope everyone had a great Earth Day!!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

April Show Off's

What to pick?  Everything is so happy right now and just blooming away.
 The White Plumbago are (to me) very classic looking.
The Gregg's mistflower is a new one for me, I like the little soft "puffs".

The butterflies are everywhere as are the bees.  The hummingbirds are zipping around all over the place I guess trying to figure out territory.  I had no idea how territorial they were.  They are such fun little guys to watch.  I love how they just almost hang in the air.
 So many shots of these butterflies over everything but they really seem to love the Lantana.  There are tons of them.  It is wild!!
 I saw the hummers in the Lion's Tail today- hadn't seen that before.  Not sure if they like it or are trying to figure it out.
The Oak Leaf Hydies are opening up and looking as beautiful as ever.  They remind me of home.
The Palo Verde's are blooming away- the blooms look like little yellow saucers from afar.
 The pink on this yucca I think is striking.  A new favorite of mine.  
The Duranta are happy as can be and the bee's are happy it is blooming- they are all over it as are the butterflies.
I think this is a subtle yet sweet little grass, the 'Blonde Ambition' as they call it.  Odd name but I like the grass.
And to finish it off a picture of my little Yucca pallida showing off - that bed is coming along- everything in there is so happy.  Can't wait for the Beach Vitex to bloom!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Look Who Came Out To Play!

 Look who came out to play today!!!
And he had friends!  There were 5 caterpillars in all climbing all over the milkweed.  I had so much fun taking their photos.
 They were all over the place- what easy subjects!
I found this little guy hiding in the middle.
 I tried out my new lens my sweet husband got me, though I am not sure I am using it right.  Took me a while to get the hang of it but I got it working in the end I think.
 This little guy was very animated and kept catching my eye.
 Then there was this one, that was in search of a leaf, by the time I left he'd found one.
 Yes, that is my foot in the background.

 Had so much fun watching them and taking their photos.  Spring is here!!!!