Monday, June 30, 2014

Where Does The Time Go?

John Fanick Phlox
 I am sitting here on June 30th in disbelief that tomorrow is JULY!  
Where does the time go? I am posting some photos of things that I have taken the time to stop and photograph as of late. The 'John Fanick' Phlox always has a showy bloom cluster.  
Silver ponyfoot
 This is a pot that I feel has filled out nicely by the front door of the office.  I love the Ponyfoot with the blue pot.  Year after year whatever I put in here I seem to always go for the Ponyfoot as my spiller.
Salvia Amistad
Here is a shot of a little hummingbird having a little snack.  They LOVE this Salvia 'Amistad'; by far one of their favorites.
 The Althea are bursting with blooms- lavender and white - I think I prefer the lavender…..

 Lady Slippers
 The Lady Slippers never disappoint.  They are so neat I think- so intricate.  
 Good ol' Hibiscus.  Who doesn't love a hibiscus?
Night Blooming Cereus
 The Night Blooming Cereus- Peruvian Apple- have never tasted one but going to research if I can….
And last but not least…. had to share.  We saw Blake Shleton- Incredible show. Neal McCoy opened up and The Band Perry were there- all the performers were amazing.  Great show- first time out there to the 360 amphitheater.  Will definitely go back!
 If you can believe it I still have Cyclamen in a big pot on my porch.  I did not get a photo but I do- they are red and they are blooming.  Crazy.  Who knew.  Cyclamen in June.  The weather has been really nice lately, not a single 100 degree day yet.  I for one am enjoying it. And the rain!!  The rain we have been having is wonderful!!!!!!  (At least here, I know some in other cities / states are not feeling the same about rain as of late…).
Hope everyone had a wonderful June and has a fabulous 4th of July!!!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

All Grown Up and Flying Away

We have had three little baby birds we have been watching for what seems like months now and finally yesterday was the day- they jumped out of the nest and learned how to fly.  They were so cute!!!  And SO loud!!! haha.  
I got great shots of two of them, the third little guy my camera would not focus in on- he kept getting in really camo'd places where my lens couldn't capture his image.  The other two were moving around plant to plant until finally they left.  It was so fun watching them!!!!!
Here is mamma bird encouraging them along- she was always around watching.  It was really cute.

He was so fun- and so very very vocal. Ha.  Sad they are gone but very fun to watch.
Can you see them?  You can see two little heads and the mamma in this photo- kinda…. it was the clearest of all the shots I got.
Hope everyone is having a great day and has a fabulous week!!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Here A Bloom, There A Bloom, Everywhere A Bloom!!!!

Trichocereus hybrid
The Trichocereus hybrids are blooming like crazy. It is so exciting to see the array of colors that pop out.  These are such beautiful blooms and such vibrant colors!

Trichocereus hybrid
 The bees are blissfully buzzing all over the blooms.
Trichocereus hybrid
The colors are so pretty- just when you think you have your favorite color….
Trichocereus hybrid
you find another you like just as much. 
Parodia magnifica
Another cactus that has been blooming like mad is the Parodia magnifica.  These blooms are almost a butter yellow.  Subtle yet striking.   Austin has had some rain the last few days which has been WONDERFUL.  
Have a great week!!!!