Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Hummingbird Stalker

 It's official.  I am a hummingbird stalker.  
It was worth it- I got some good shots.  They were so funny- they kept buzzing right by me almost taunting me!
 I had a lot of fun chasing them around though.  There was one little pair that liked to hang out over along the fence line so I just kinda hung out there with them.  Got a few shots.

The were working over the Salvia and the Mexican Bush Sage.  I got so many photos, and so many blurry ones....
 I love this one - got him with his tongue out!
 The Mexican Flame Vine was a hit as well. 
Hope you enjoyed the shots of my first of many hummingbird stalkings.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy GBBD!

salvia oceana
A few shots for GBBD!
Above is the Salvia 'Oceana'.  I love the color of this Salvia- Salvia's are hard to beat- we just started growing this one and I love the color- almost an indigo blue- striking I think.
san pedro cactus
The San Pedro Cactus blooms are MASSIVE.  I don't know if you can tell in this photo but let me assure you- they are HUGE!
kalanchoe bloom
 The Kalanchoes are blooming all over the place- we have several varieties and all have beautiful candelabra style blooms that are beautiful!
hesperaloe chiangii bloom
The Hesperaloe Chiangii are blooming- I love these Yuccas- one of the few Yuccas that aren't sharp and pointy!  The bloom spike is so tall!!!!  The one in the front sign bed is blooming as well.  
golden barrel cactus
The Barrel Cactus are starting to bloom!
mountain sage
  The Mountain Sage, Salvia regla are blooming away and the hummingbirds are all over it!!!
And last but not least, not a bloom but a sleepy little frog hanging out catching some zzzz's...
Hope everyone is having a great summer!!!
Be sure and check out May Dreams Gardens to see what is blooming all over!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June- already????

I mean seriously.  Where does the time go?
 I can't believe it is June already.  Spring was so nice here this year.  I think the first time I can remember in a long time that we actually even HAD a spring.
The Agapanthus are in full bloom - love the big burst of blooms.
pedilanthus lady slipper
We had rain, cool mornings, nice weather, nights sitting out on the patio and did I mention rain?
Had almost forgot what a real spring was like.
The Pedlianthus 'Lady's Slipper' are blooming- such unique subtle blooms.
philippine violet
The Philippine Violets are blooming,
oregano amethyst falls
 The Oregano- I love how this variety cascades.
white plumbago
 The White Plumbago never disappoint.
victoria blue salvia
 The 'Victoria Blue' Salvia are in full bloom as well.
san pedro cactus bud
The San Pedro Cactus are budding up- can't wait for them to open!!
beach vitex
The Beach Vitex are blooming- hands down a favorite of mine- I love the soft green with the soft purple blooms.
vivero growers nursery
We have baby birds in various nests, hummingbirds buzzing around left and right, a few varieties of bees pollenating the flowers little lizards lounging in the sun, it has been simply wonderful.
Thought I'd post a few pics of all that has been happening as of late here at the nursery.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

They're Growing Up!

I got some photos of our latest residents at the nursery- they are so cute- there are four.  I try to not look too often but they are so cute I can't stand it!!!  
Today they were chirping up a storm so I grabbed the camera but only one was visible.  
Here they were last week- again, just one visible in the photo.  They hardly had any feathers at this point- today they had feathers and looked so much bigger!  They grow so fast!!
Had to share.

What in the WORLD is This?

 Any idea?

He was buzzing all over the place.  Would love to know what it is!!!