Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Happy GBBD!!!!!!

Happy GBBD to everyone!!!  Thanks to May Dreams Gardens for hosting!  There is so much going on and blooming right now- it is such a fun time of year and the weather these past few days!!!!  Oh my gosh- LOVE IT.  The Peruvian Cereus never cease to amaze and wow me - this particular day I guess cause it was cloudy this weekend, it stayed open a lot longer than normal which was fine by me!
 The Black Eyed Susan has such a pretty happy bloom.
 The American Beautyberries are turning color and attracting all the birds- so fun to watch them pick at the berries. 
 The Crinum bloom has always been a favorite.  So unique
 Another sure sign fall is here in Austin, the Stick of Fire are starting to turn.
 I like how it resembles a little heart on the top of this cactus.
 The Antigonon have long been a favorite but I do have a preference for the white, though the pink is really pretty….. white…pink…white…pink… how to decide?
 These little guys are all over the Milkweed as well as are their new temporary "homes".
 I captured this shot and basically right after he jumped and I thought it was on my head- took a minute to figure out he was on a different leaf of the Agave…. little spooky….
 The Fall Aster are rockin' and rollin'.
 The Mexican Flame Vine never disappoint.
 The Pineapple Guava are LOADED with fruit.  Love it!!!!
Hope you have enjoyed shots of what is going on lately.   Hope everyone is having a great fall.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Birmingham Alabama Cont...

Better late than never….
I am continuing my post of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens but thought I would start out with a couple of photos of the city as well.  
The airport has a living wall which I thought was really nicely done.  

Throughout the city there are beautiful plantings, water features and settings.  The city as a whole is very lush and green. 

 Now, for the continuation of my Botanical Garden tour….  Here are the photos of the conservatory. 
 More of the sculptures that are prominent throughout.  These are of Aesop's Fables.

  I thought they did a great job- it was neat to see the desert area, we have basically every single plant they had displayed, so that was fun to see.  I love it when I can ID the plants almost as much as I like seeing and learning about new ones!!

 Hope you enjoyed the tour. If you get a chance, it is a wonderful place to visit.