Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pink, Yellow or Red?

 Which is the prettiest?  I can't decide.  Pink, Yellow or Red?  As far as cactus blooms go, these are hands down in my opinion, the most beautiful of all the blooms.  But which is my favorite..... that is the question.
 I thought at first- pink- no doubt.  Then the yellow opened up.... So I was torn. 
  Then the pink opened up and there were TWO at once.    So I was tempted to lean towards the pink then today....
   I walked in and there was the red......  Do I have to pick?  The red has these tinges of fuchsia on the edges that are electrifying.
The interesting thing I think is the size of the blooms in general.  
The pink blooms are HUGE.  I mean like 8 inches in diameter.  EIGHT.  The yellow are about 6 inches and then the red are about 4 1/2.  
All are equally as stunning - the colors just radiate.  I don't know if I have grasped the true beauty in the photos but I can tell you- they are amazing.  The blooms last a day and what a fun last four days it has been.  Today the red was joined by some other yellows and some pinks so all were in full show-off mode today and I loved every second of it.  
So which is your favorite?  I think I have to go with Pink for me.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blame It On the Rain!

Happy GBBD!!  

Everything is busting with color!  The Butterfly Iris are in full bloom- they are so striking.  The recents rains have been incredible and you cannot deny that the plants aren't a little excited about it all.
The Ocotillo are blooming away, not everyone's favorite plant, but a favorite of mine.
The Lady Slippers are subtle yet beautiful.  I took this photo the other day, but they still look just like this (only with even more blooms) so I thought I'd include the shot.  
Things are blooming everywhere you look, the Texas Sage are stunning and in full show off mode and the birds and butterflies have been having a ball.  
The Copper Canyon Daisy are just such happy flowers.  I love to water them and breathe in the sweet lemon smell.
 The Queen's Wreath are coming back and growing up along the fence- always been a favorite.
The Rose of Sharon are an old standby- they always remind me of Mom's house.
 The Pink Turk's Cap, another old standby that keeps on going.
 The Twisted Leaf Yucca are getting ready to open up.
 The Beautyberry Issai is blooming, I still love the good ol' American Beautyberry, but this one I think is just a softer more elegant one.  And who doesn't love the berries??
The Red Passion Vine is blooming away- a show stopper by any measure.
I have seen a dragonfly or two as well and the Hummingbirds deserve a special mention as they are going bezerk!! 
Here is one going at the Silks Dream Salvia.
Our little visitor yesterday- he brought his partner- they were hanging out around the tomato plants.  Here is a picture of both of them, though not great.
Hope everyone has a great GBBD!!
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