Monday, August 29, 2016

Blooms of the Month

August has been a weird month for weather here at the nursery and in Austin in general.  First we had 105 degree days followed by rain, rain, more rain, and did I mention rain?  I snapped a few photos of things that I thought looked pretty and wanted to share.  I completely forgot to post the bloom day post- so here is a late one. Hope you enjoy!
Clerodendron bungei Vivero Growers Nursery Austin Tx
The Clerodendron bungei are blooming and really pretty.
Mystic Spires Salvia Vivero Growers Nursery Austin Tx
 The 'Mystic Spires' Salvia never disappoint. 
Yucca bloom Vivero Growers Nursery Austin TX
 The Yuccas are blooming.
Butterfly Iris
The Butterfly Iris are a reliable bloomer.  I love the upright habit of this plant as compared to the Bi-color Iris.  This little butterfly was so cute sitting up there almost staring at me.
Moy Grande Hibiscus
 The 'Moy Grande' Hibiscus are blooming like crazy.  The blooms are huge- hard to tell from this photo.
Evergreen Wisteria Vivero Growers Nursery Austin TX
The Evergreen Wisteria have a beautiful vibrant purple bloom which I adore.
Double Hibiscus
The Hibiscus are hard to beat- this is a double one which is really pretty.  
Managed to snap a photo of this little guy hanging out on an Aloe bloom.
Sesbania Rattlebox Tree Vivero Growers Nursery Austin TX
The Sebania are blooming and there are seed pods all over it.  (which sound like rattle snakes when you shake them, a lot of people also call this the Rattlebox Tree).
Magnolia bloom
The Magnolias... if only this were scratch and sniff.....
Hope you enjoyed the photos!  I still am having a hard time believing that September is here next week.