Monday, March 25, 2013

Little of This and a Little of That

mexican flame vine
 The Swallowtail have been out in mass numbers all week.  They are all over the Mexican Flame Vines, the Mountain Laurels, the Dianthus in particular it seems.  They are so neat and seem HUGE this year- maybe it has just been so long since I have seen them, but they seem really large.
spanish dagger
 The Spanish Daggers are blooming- such a pretty soft bloom for such an appropriately named plant... the dagger in it's name is no exaggeration.....
erythrina coral bean
The Erythrina I have posted before but it is still just stunning and deserving of another shot. 
horse crippler cactus
 The Horse Cripplers are blooming- such a pretty little pink flower for such a "mean" cactus!
grandma yellow rose
 The Grandma's Yellow Roses are blooming away- I like the vibrant yellow of these.
ice plant
The bees are everywhere working everything they see in sight- love it!
agave blue glow
My little Agave 'Blue Glow' pot is rockin' and rollin' along.
Just a few random shots of the week I thought I'd share.  The weather here has been nuts- earlier in the week we had days in the high 80's and this weekend and tonight, mornings of low 30's. You just never know- just have to roll with it- all part of living in Texas.

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Hummingbirds Have Arrived!!

The Hummingbirds have arrived at the nursery!!!
I have had so much fun watching them and decided to go capture a few photos of them,
and you probably know where this is going....
I didn't get a single shot.
BUT I got great shots of the Hummingbird Moths!
These little guys are so neat!!!!

 This little guy was working over the white Salvia.

 He just couldn't seem to get enough of it!
 I was happy of course as it allowed me to get a bunch of shots.
 Some better than others... but he was so fun to watch!
Finally I got both his wings!

 Hope you enjoy!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy March GBBD 2013!!

Happy GBBD!!
It is warming up here in Austin.  It has been in the high 70's and low to mid 80's this week.  Everything is really responding to the warmer days too- things are budded up and blooming, butterflies and bees are flying around and birds are chirping- it is wonderful!!
The Gopher Plants have been a big hit with both the bees and butterflies all week.
 The Dyckia are blooming- I love how such a spiky plant throws off such a nice dainty bloom.
The Wisteria are budded up and getting ready to bloom- I LOVE the smell of Wisteria- reminds me of when I was little; we had it growing all along the fence line by the pool.
 The Mountain Laurels are still blooming, some say grape soda, I think it smells like Purple Kool-Aid, same smell I guess, I just haven't had grape soda.
 The Japanese Maples are all leafed out and stunning.
The Mexican Sycamores are budded up and ready to leaf out.
 The Bulbine have been loaded with bees all week.
And last but not least, the Mystic Spires are starting to bloom in the front bed.  A sure sign spring is here.  Please visit May Dreams Gardens and see what is blooming all over!!
Hope you have a great GBBD!!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Walking Around...

 I had such a nice time Saturday and yesterday walking around the nursery!
The "Blue Glow' Agaves were soaking up the sun.  These are such a great little Agave.  I have one in a planter that is beautiful paired with a few sedum that looks fantastic if I do say so myself.  Of course I did not get a shot of that... but maybe I will today and post it on the next post.
I haven't been out there much lately but starting to get back to my normal routine- oh how I have missed it!!  I had such a good time yesterday checking on everything and getting to spend some real time out there.  Up till now, it's been an hour here or an hour there, so I was really excited yesterday to spend basically half the day out there looking at everything and seeing how everything is "waking up"!!  The Gopher Plants are starting to bloom and the bees are all over the place- what a nice sight to see them hard at work!
 This little Cactus was screaming for attention- he wanted to be included- can't wait for the entire thing to be full of blooms!!!
The Aloe Vera is reaching up to the sky and about to open up.
The Agarita are blooming away- I have to admit, this is the only time I find them intriguing...They are prickly little guys and no matter how careful I think I am being around them, I always get nipped!
The Lion's tail are starting to bloom in the large Agave pot.  They are a long time favorite of mine.
 Just thought I'd share a few shots of things the past few days that stood out to me that I thought looked pretty!  (along with the little House Finch I posted about yesterday who was so sweet!!!) 
Hope you enjoyed them!!  Glad to be back!!  Have I mentioned that???  

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pretty Little Songbird

 I heard the sweetest little song and stepped outside to see this little guy hanging out in the Desert Museum.  He was singing away so sweetly.  I have no idea what type of bird it is but I thought I'd post it and see if anyone could identify him.  
 Here is a shot of his back side if that helps.  I realize these aren't the best photos.....
 Two side views where you can see his red front/breast. (above photo and below).

He flew away after a customer walked near the tree and stopped over on the fence line and I got a few shots of him there as well. 
 Below he's like puffed up.  He was so cute!!!
Anyone know what kind of bird it is?
I hope he comes back tomorrow so I can get better shots, but wanted to post in case anyone knew what it was!!!
Thank you Shirley at Rock Oak Deer for identifying it- it is a House Finch!!!!
And thank you to Steph at Rambling Wren as well for helping me to know what kind of bird it is!!!  Learn something new every day!  

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Purple Smoke? Walking Sticks?

 The Purple Smoke Trees are leafing out.
If you haven't seen these before- the are really unique, at least to me.  The leaves are purple and they and then when they bloom, it looks like little puffs of smoke.
I have been waiting for these to start leafing and almost like all of the sudden, I walked by yesterday and there they were!  Purple leaves all over the place! 
The Harry Lauder's Walking Sticks are starting to bud up as well.  Another one I have been patiently waiting to open up, though this one is neat even with no leaves.  Talk about character!!!  Look at those branches- all twisted and contorted.  Love it!
Everything is coming to life.  Spring is such an exciting time.  If it isn't here, it is pretty close.   Course with our Texas weather, you just don't know.  Today is to be 75 and tomorrow high of 84.  This is to be followed of course with Tuesday with a high back down to 68.