Friday, November 22, 2013

November Blooms

Here are a few things that have been blooming these last two weeks.
We are having more crazy weather, which for those of us that live here in Texas is pretty normal.  Yesterday it was 80, today 36.  We take it all in stride, just the way it is, nothing new.
The Kalanchoe 'Donkey Ears' by the door is getting ready to bloom.  Love this plant.
yellow shrimp plant
 The yellow Shrimp Plant in the front bed is full of blooms.  
The Calandrinia is getting ready to open up.  Another all time favorite of mine.
japanese maple
 A little fall color- we don't have much of it but we have some, the Japanese Maples are stunning. 
chinese pistache
The Chinese Pistache is boasting it's fall color as well.  This one is fruitless which is nice.
orange tree
 The Citrus- I could do an entire post on the citrus - the oranges, lemons, tangerines, everything - all the trees are loaded with fruit.  People always assume oranges turn in the summer, nope.  Oranges take a full year and start being ready at least here in Texas about now.
And to end up the post I saved which I believe is the best for last.  The Ligularia is one of my very favorite plants.  Look how pretty the blooms are!!!!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Where Does the Time Go???

 I can't believe it is already November!  Where does the time go??
Here is one of my most favorite combos I have done lately.  I think I am the happiest with this collection at least right now.....
mexican mint marigold 
I am posting some of the beautiful things that have been blooming lately- I love this time of year, I guess that is where the time has gone, I have been outside and not at the computer!
The Mexican Mint Marigold are STUNNING - full of color and the scent of licorice.

fall aster
 It is fall, so true to the name, the Fall Aster are blooming like mad.
mexican flame vine antigonon
 The Mexican Flame Vine on the back fence is blooming away- I took this like a week ago but it is as beautiful if not more so right now- the Antigonon is mixed in with it and both are growing happily on fence in the full sun.
mountain sage
 The Mountain Sage is full of blooms.
spanish lavender
 The Spanish Lavender are an old time favorite of mine.  Tried and true- I just love them.  Such an intricate bloom- they are just gorgeous. 
lions tail
 The Lion's Tail are blooming- I can't decide if I like them like this the best or when they are in full bloom.  The Monarchs have been all over these today also.  I tried to get a photo but only had my phone with me today and they didn't come out very clear so I didn't include.
 The Firespikes are starting to bloom- I LOVE these- they are such great plants for the shade too with a HUGE bloom and burst of color. 
 here is one of the pots I put together showing off the Lions Tail.  Such a great plant. 
 Here is little miss thing being lazy.  Too cute- had to share.
And to follow, little Coop mimicking her- they are so neglected, you almost feel sorry for them.