Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Little Visitor Today

OK- I have to admit, not a fan of raccoons, especially when it comes to my fish/ fish tank.... but I mean, how can you not think this little guy is cute????
I mean look at him!!!
What's he looking for?  Hahahah Just looking at this cracks me up.  He looks like a little bitty bear!
He was hanging around the first shade house, crawling up the sides and peering in.  And let me just say, he was so not scared.  
I am worried that he is so young and alone.
But can you stand it???? He's so cute!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy GBBD June 2012!

Happy GBBD June 2012!
 I have to admit, today was rushed.  I didn't realize it was the 15th and I have had about 3 seconds to take pictures lately so I grabbed the camera and snapped some shots - hope you enjoy!  Sorry if it seems a little thrown together but all shots were shot this morning between customers, but I got it done!!!
Above- I started out at the front gate and went from there, the Kalanchoe in the front planter is blooming- love that little guy!!!
The front outside bed has Globe Mallow going nuts with color- one of my favorites- easy tough little plant. 
 The Cholla is blooming in the front bed as well, as is the Mexican Bird of Paradise (below).

 The Shrimp Plant and the Thyrallis are blooming away in the front sign beds.  

 As is the Brazilian Pavonia.  The Birds of Paradise next to the fence are bursting with color- both plantings of it- love that stuff!!!  

 The little Blackfoot Daisy are happy as can be in the "desert bed" along with the Palo Verde- those little yellow blooms are like saucers!  You can see them from far away!

 The Tecoma and the American Beautyberry are doing their thing in the side bed. 

 The Antigonon is covering the fence and blooming away- such subtle sweet little blooms.
 And next to the Antigonon is the Mexican Flame Vine, a personal favorite and hard one to beat- such vibrant color!!!!  
 The Rock Rose Pavonia and Cigar Plant are happy and blooming in the side bed as well, I featured more on this bed this time as it always seems to get skipped.

 The Turk's Cap out front is coming into bloom again and this little guy below was watching me today as I was pruning the Pavonia- had to let you all see him- he was so funny- he kept hopping from leaf to leaf following me.  Just glad he didn't hop on me!!!! I know he is small but I still didn't want a spider on me.....  His green eyes were cool though.
 And just a shot of the front pot by the door- I am happy with the planting- everything is filling in and doing well.
Hope everyone had/has a great GBBD!!!!  Thanks to May at May Dreams Gardens for hosting.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Just Hanging With the Birds!

The birds are everywhere and are having a blast.
I saw these two new little guys and not quite sure what kind they are but I THINK they are a pair- if not, they like to hang out together.
A customer came in (a bird watcher) and told me the photo above was a female Painted Bunting and below is a Lesser Goldfinch!  Thanks for the ID!!!!
We had a male Painted Bunting last year hanging around, maybe he brought a friend or has a nest!  On the look out for him.
They sing really loud for such little birds.  
They get along with the hummingbirds apparently.  I didn't get a clear shot, but they were on the Palo Verdes along with one of the hummingbirds and could have cared less that the other was there.  I guess the little guys all get along.  haha.

It was cracking me up how they were both standing- one leg up and one leg down. 
Someone said the first one is a Goldfinch.   It kinda looks like one but I am not an expert- anyone?
I couldn't get the hummingbird next to the others but I did manage to get a shot of him.  They are everywhere.  If I had to say what their favorite plant is, I could not.  The don't seem to have a preference- they like it all!