Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Tour of Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Last week we visited the Birmingham Botanical Gardens in Birmingham, Alabama.  It was beautiful and seamless and flowing; one garden spilling into another.  They had large pathways and it was a very easy pleasant walk.  I love visiting different parts of the country and seeing plants that we use and grow and see how they perform in other climates.  Hope you enjoy the tour!!
 Here is the entrance which is also a wonderful little garden shop with all kinds of neat gifts!  
 Upon entering, there are several displays stuffed with beautiful complimentary plants.
I love seeing what other people put together- very inspiring!!!
 Throughout the gardens there were several sculptures which I was intrigued with.
 Do you see the red bananas?  Love em' and love the pairing with the Persian Shield- which adds a great pop of color to just about anything in my opinion.
 Here is the Southern Living Garden.  Lush and full!!
 A photo of the walkways- very inviting.
 More shots of the Southern Living Garden.

 I love the color contrast here.
 The entrance to the rose garden- they were all basically recently cut back so I didn't get any photos of them but the entrance was pretty I thought- again, more sculpture in the back.
 Another shot of the entrance sculpture- there was a wedding there which was really neat to see.  They have a little area off to the right where they hold the receptions.
 A closer shot inside the rose garden.  A few blooms as you see but the beds behind this were basically bare.
And a parting shot.  I have photos of the Conservatory that I will post next.  They have a great Crape Myrtle garden in front of it that was filled with people having lunch on the lawn.  The gardens were inviting and welcoming and obviously cared for.  There is no entrance fee and is funded by the city and "friends" of the Botanical Garden.  Definitely worth a visit and we will be back.  It was so peaceful- a must see for anyone.