Monday, January 23, 2012

What a Beautiful Day!!

What a beautiful day!!!  I had a great time just walking around today looking at all the butterflies and bees enjoying the sun.
 Here they are enjoying the Spring Bouquet Viburnum.

The bees were all over the Grape Holly just buzzing around. 
 While I was sitting there snapping photos, the bees and the butterfly on the Grape Holly were not wanting to share....

 Alas, in the end they decided to take separate sides.  It's so nice when everyone can get along!
Hope you are having as beautiful of a day as we are.  Last check, it was 71. 

Friday, January 6, 2012

It's A Tree Kind of Thing

cedar elm bark
Can you believe it?  2012 is here.  Where does time go?
I myself spent New Years sick as a result of the infamous Cedar Fever which has many suffering around town.  Upon returning to the nursery we had a bunch of new trees- it was so exciting!  I love to see and learn about new things.
Here is a photo the Cedar Elm.
I must admit I am fascinated but the bark.  It is so neat and has so much character.
 The branches are interesting as well.  I mean look!
cedar elm
I love the different textures on them and they are a really pretty tree.

poncirus trifoliata flying dragon
Another one I found intriguing today was the Poncirus trifoliata.  They are basically covered in curlycues.  I hadn't seen this before but there was one in Chicago outside of the Aquarium.  It gets covered with orange balls- can't wait to see that!  
poncirus trifoliata flying dragon
Here's a close up of one branch.  Love it!
lacey oak bark
Here's a close up of the Lacey Oak - another one with interesting bark. These trees are also quickly becoming a favorite of mine.  The textured bark is stunning I think. Again, just has a lot of character.
palo verde desert museum
The Palo Verdes never cease to amaze and draw a lot of attention.  The bark is green, hence the name- green sticks translated.   We have one planted in the corner and it has gotten so big this year!  It blooms beautiful yellow flowers which makes a beautiful contrast.
monterrey oak
And last but not least is the Monterrey Oak.  An old classic.  The bark is simple yet subtle.  Hope everyone had a great New Year and looking forward to 2012!