Tuesday, August 7, 2018

A Tour of the Botanical Gardens in Mexico City, Mexico

I recently toured the Botanical Gardens of Chapultepec, Mexico City, Mexico.  It was not only beautiful but was amazing.  I had been before but in the last two years, they have really made a lot of improvements and changes and I loved them!!  They have collaborated with various artists that have designed certain areas and/or installations in the garden throughout.

I have seen this over the years in Mexico City and the trend finally made it to Austin a few years ago.    I always thought they did and do a nice job of this planting with the succulents.  I feel the key is to really pack them in there to have it nice and full.

 Photos of the various cactus, agave and Yucca beds.

 Another concrete stacking succulent pile.  I love how this filled out!!
 Two views of the same bed- love the combos here and how the Creeping Jenny adds that perfect bright pop of color!!

 A few of the artist inspired beds. 

 I love plants planted in mass.  The Agaves do not disappoint.

 They really do a good job I feel on their displays.

 These straw ant sculptures are all over the place- some stand alone like this one and some peeking out behind an agave or yucca.  They are creatively placed throughout.
 There were hummingbirds all over the Agastache but I was not able to get them clearly.
 I loved this- they had tubes filled with different dried peppers throughout the gardens. 
 A few shots of the perennial gardens.  Everything was simply beautiful.

 Another artist installation/creation.  I like how they used simply barrels and loaded them with plants.

 I liked this little trio!
 An example of the bees placed throughout.
Hope you enjoyed the photos!!

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