Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Spring Has Sprung!!

Kalanchoe bloom
Happy GBBD!!!
Spring has sprung here in Austin.  Everything is blooming and so pretty- hard to decide what to ooh and aah over!   The above photo is a little Kalanchoe that is completely striking with it's array of blooms!  Hope you are enjoying GBBD- thank you to May Dreams Gardens for hosting.  If you have not, go to her site and you will find links to visit all the amazing gardens all over!!

Ghost Plant
 The Graptoveria 'Ghost Plant' never disappoints.  
Aloe marlothii bloom
 The bloom spike on the Aloe marlothii is massive and shooting up towards the sky. 
Potato Vine
 The Potato Vine is blooming away.
Citrus Bloom
 The citrus- oh my gosh the citrus.  If I could just make this photo scratch and sniff.... They are all in full bloom and the fragrance is intoxicating!
Saguaro Cactus
 The Saguaro is showing off as usual.  He doesn't have to do much to impress.  
Gopher Plant
 The Gopher Plants are blooming away. 
Carolina Jessamine
 The Carolina Jessamine are in full bloom and stunning!
Helen Borcher Flowering Peach
 And last but not least is the 'Helen Borcher' Flowering Peach- as a fan of pink I adore this particular bloom and the tree as a whole is incredible and in full bloom. 
Hope everyone is having a great GBBD!


  1. Gorgeous! I'll be heading your way after SXSW departs to see them all myself.

  2. Thanks!!! Can't wait to see you!

  3. There is something so winning about those Kalanchoe blooms. They make such pretty candelabras. I love them but all too often the frost gets them. This year was the exception. Happy Bloom Day.

    1. That one in particular was really hardy for a Kalanchoe. I didn't cover it at all in that one large pot and had little if any damage. I fully expected it to melt. Nice surprise. I adore that one, but then I am partial to pink.....

  4. Great blooms. I always learn so much about what grows in our area by your posts.

  5. Happy GBBD! I love the opening shot especially. You make me want to travel south.

    1. Ha ha Funny you say that as your posts always make me want to visit Maine. I will one day. It looks totally beautiful!!!