Thursday, February 26, 2015

Little of This and A Little of That

gopher plant
The Gopher Plant in the front container has been booming like this for weeks now.  Every day it gets prettier and prettier.  The bees love this little guy so he's a great pollinator to have in your garden/yard- I have several people that tell me they plant these as well as Mystic Spires to attract them for pollination in their gardens.  Gosh! I feel like I haven't posted in forever!!
mountain laurel
 Hard to not love the Mountain Laurel bloom.  I have heard a lot of people say they haven't seen em blooming yet, but they are blooming like CRAZY all over my neighborhood.  Some are loaded with blooms- I love it!  Down on South Lamar in front of the Odd Duck Restaurant there is a really pretty one but I keep forgetting to stop and photograph it.
spanish lavender
 The Spanish Lavender….aaahhhh the Spanish Lavender.  This is probably my favorite bloom.  I know, I have lots of favorites but I really really like this one.  I think it wins….
harry lauder walking stick
 The Harry Lauder Walking Stick is loaded with blooms.  Such a crazy fun little guy.  
 The Senecio is so easy and so fun to grow.  I love it's color combo with the other succulents too.  It's like an amplifier of sorts for the colors.
arizona cypress blue ice
The Arizona Cypress are hard to beat.  My personal favorite is the 'Blue Ice', I prefer their color but all are nice.  So there you have it, a little of this and a little of that.  I can't believe it has been so long since I have posted.  Promise to be better!!!!


  1. All nice plants for blooms and color in the garden. This is the first year I've grown Gopher Plant and I'm loving the blooms. We have just a few Mountain Laurels blooming and one Bluebonnet so far.

    1. The Gopher's are hard to beat. The bees love em' too.

  2. The gopher plant is one of my favorites.It's blooms are more spectacular than ever this year. Wish they lasted longer. Love the way it reseeds too.

  3. So amazing to see blooming plants when all we have is more blooming snow! Thanks for sharing! Our laurels will bloom in summer.

    1. I know- you all and the snow! But it's so pretty. My niece is in Boston and she is over the snow. She has no sympathy for me when I tell her it's 30 and I'm cold… hahaha I would imagine you would feel the same hahaha. But the snow is so pretty!!!!!