Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Visit to Public Garden, Boston MA

We just returned from a visit to Boston were we visited the Public Garden, also known as Boston Public Garden.  It was magnificent.  I was in awe the whole time.  
 We don't have anything even close to that here.  There we were in the dead of winter and it was amazing.  I am so impressed by the garden there.  
 It is pretty much smack dab in the middle of the city and surrounded by rows of incredible brownstone style homes, retail stores and of course a Starbucks on the bottom floor of one building.  I did find it interesting that as a whole, Dunkin Donuts seems to be more popular there than Starbucks which was new for me.  I am partial to Starbucks though I am sure Dunkin is great.  

 The park was so well maintained, manicured and laid out so nicely.  

  It was full of people- I can't imagine what it must be like when it is a sunny pretty warm day.

  There were a few fountains, several benches and a nice path with a beautiful bridge over the pond.  There were runners all over the place, people walking their dogs, kids running and playing, couples walking hand in hand, people walking for exercise as well as strolling along taking it all in; you name it, they were there.  

   They have a beautiful pond there with what appeared to be a small boat house.  I imagine you can rent boats there spring thru fall.  

 We loved it- highly recommend it, even in Winter….

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