Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Little of This, Little of That

Color Guard Yucca bloom
 The 'Color Guard' Yucca is starting to bloom- I love the blooms on the plants- always a fun surprise.  
Erythrina Coral Bean
 The Coral Bean are loaded with blooms making the hummingbirds very very happy.
 The Yarrow are in full bloom- everything is emerging and waking up if not woken up and starting to bloom.  My favorite time of year. 
 The caterpillars are abundant- I am constantly amazed at the markings on them.  So beautiful!!!
Goldenball Leadtree
 The Goldenball lead trees are blooming like mad.  Such a simple small flower that delivers such a big pop of color. 
Passion Vine
 The Passion Vines are blooming- I can't help it- had to post a photo.  Just too neat to pass up. (I posted a photo on the last post but that was a while ago ).
Lions Tail
 The Lion's Tail are blooming- probably my favorite bloom- I don't know- hard to pick but definitely a top ten for me.  How do you not love that bloom?????
Anacacho Orchid
Everything is rocking along - hopefully in your neck of the woods as well.  I know some people had snow not that long ago…. the butterflies, bees and birds are everywhere at the nursery and I love it.  We have another little bunny that has taken up residence under the office.  He's so sweet.  I haven't gotten a photo of him yet but it's early yet….I keep stalking him and the hummingbirds.  Soon.  Soon I will have photos…...


  1. Love that Coral Bean. Looks like the perfect hummingbird plant. I've always wanted to plant Yarrow, but heard it can take over a garden bed. Do you have that experience with it? I really like the ferny green texture on it.

    1. I have not heard of it taking over- it makes a clump for sure and might reseed a little but I have honestly not heard of it taking over- maybe someone that sees this can weigh in. Yes- the hummingbirds love it- I have not gotten a shot of them on it- every time I run in to grab the camera they are gone and the iPhone doesn't even begin to capture the shots. I am not giving up- there will be shots! hahah

  2. You have the best blooms in town! I'm looking forward to the day my golden lead ball blooms. Love those yellow fuzz balls.

    1. Ha- thanks! I love them- I know yellow fuzz balls all over- they are beautiful and unique at least to me. Neat little trees.

  3. All wonderful blooms. My coral bean is almost ready to bloom. I can’t wait to see how the yucca bloom progresses - very cool. Mine have not bloomed yet.