Friday, November 22, 2013

November Blooms

Here are a few things that have been blooming these last two weeks.
We are having more crazy weather, which for those of us that live here in Texas is pretty normal.  Yesterday it was 80, today 36.  We take it all in stride, just the way it is, nothing new.
The Kalanchoe 'Donkey Ears' by the door is getting ready to bloom.  Love this plant.
yellow shrimp plant
 The yellow Shrimp Plant in the front bed is full of blooms.  
The Calandrinia is getting ready to open up.  Another all time favorite of mine.
japanese maple
 A little fall color- we don't have much of it but we have some, the Japanese Maples are stunning. 
chinese pistache
The Chinese Pistache is boasting it's fall color as well.  This one is fruitless which is nice.
orange tree
 The Citrus- I could do an entire post on the citrus - the oranges, lemons, tangerines, everything - all the trees are loaded with fruit.  People always assume oranges turn in the summer, nope.  Oranges take a full year and start being ready at least here in Texas about now.
And to end up the post I saved which I believe is the best for last.  The Ligularia is one of my very favorite plants.  Look how pretty the blooms are!!!!


  1. My potted oranges are always the last of my citrus to ripen. Strangely, my little potted Mexican lime produces almost all year long. At any given time, there are flowers and fruit at various stages of development. Home grown citrus is awesome!

  2. Very pretty! My Donkey Ears is about to bloom unless the weather got it. Too cold, wet, windy to go check. I'll have to look for the ligularia in the spring. I hope my citrus ripens before I have to take them in.

  3. I am so excited to see your donkey ears blooming because I have a nice one it a pot and can't wait to see the bloom. Please post when it opens. My calamondin is late to ripen this year but I noticed new blooms on it the other day.

  4. What a bountiful November! Do that citrus post for us ignorant northerners.