Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What's the Stink About Pink?

trichocereus hybrid
 It is October which many celebrate as Breast Cancer Awareness month.  
I was diagnosed almost a year ago with breast cancer and am happy to report I am now cancer free. The whole "Think Pink"and the pink ribbons have a whole new meaning to me now, but it has always been a positive one. 
calandrinia spectabilis
  I say this as I have read, heard and spoken with several people who get offended about "all the pink" and say it has become too commercialized and the meaning is lost.  I respect others opinions but I do not agree.  I think it is raising awareness and bringing it to others attention.   
pavonia rock rose

disco belle hibiscus
 Prior to being diagnosed, I used to always buy things with the pink ribbon on them given the choice- I knew they didn't give 100% of the proceeds but I knew they gave something and I was more than happy to do it.  
kalanchoe bloom

dianthus baths pink
I have several friends and family members who have had cancer and I have always been supportive of any and all efforts to boost awareness and support of any and all cancers. 
moy grande hibiscus

john fanick phlox
 I personally went to MD Anderson in Houston and I cannot say enough wonderful things about the surgeons, plastic surgeons, nurses and staff there.  I have friends that were recipients of financial help through the Susan G. Komen foundation, which without this help would not have been able to afford the biopsies.  Locally here in Austin, there is the BCRC which is another great resource. 

It always blows me away when people say they have not had a mammogram "cause it hurts too much".  Really?   Try the alternative.  It is about 5 minutes of discomfort.  That's it.  I don't get it. 
echinacea purple coneflower

desert trumpet vine
Anyway, I put together a collection of pink flowers that I love- yes, I love pink.  Always have, always will and the "Think Pink" campaign just gives me more reasons to do so!
Happy October!!


  1. So happy you were successful in beating your cancer. A beautiful, truly pink posting.

  2. The think pink campaign is awesome and so are your pink flowers. Anything to get people's attention. I saw a tv show recently where many women admitted that they did not have their routine screenings even though they had insurance which covered the exams. Really! Come on ladies! Make an appointment and get screened. I'm so glad you're doing well now Katherine. Thanks for posting this.

    1. Thanks! I know- it's nuts but I hear it all the time. Thank you. Jenny and I are doing the Komen race/walk this year (not on the same team) - it will be both of our firsts to walk as survivors so I am looking forward to it.

  3. That must have been a stressful year but I'm relieved to hear that you are cancer free. I had 2 friends go through that last year too. Your pink garden is the best way to celebrate.

    1. Yes, a little stress you could say but am glad to report now cancer free. Thanks!!! It is amazing how many people have either gone through it or know people that have. Hopefully your friends are doing well.

  4. What a moving and personal post. I'm glad to hear you are now cancer free. Pink flowers have always been my favorite color of flower, and I enjoyed seeing all the pinks.

  5. I'm thankful that you're now cancer free, Katherine. I agree with your comments about the campaign. We have 5 women in our family that have fought this battle and won and anything that raises awareness is welcome.