Sunday, July 14, 2013

Blooms Blooms Blooms!!

moy grande hibiscus
 There is so much blooming right now- it is wonderful.  The 'Moy Grande' Hibiscus are stunning with their MASSIVE blooms.
flame acanthus anisacanthus
 The butterflies are swarming the Flame Acanthus- which is known to be a hummingbird attractor.  I can't disagree with that claim, the hummers have been all over it- everyone sharing nicely.  
pride of barbados caesalpinia
 The Pride of Barbados are going strong- they are such a beautiful pop of color.  We have a few planted along the fence line and they are so showy!!! 
 The bees have been everywhere- here one is crawling up inside an Agapanthus bloom- the next shot of you couldn't even see him- he was all the way up in there.  Ha ha!  
mexican bird paradise
 I love this shot of the hummingbird coming in for a landing on the Mexican Bird of Paradise.  I have said it before- it is hard to make a statement on what they like the best- they are all over everything!!! 
tecomaria cape honeysuckle
The Tecomaria, Cape Honeysuckle is like a neon orange glow - brilliant color!!!
Everything just seems really happy.  Here are a few things that have been showing off this past week.  Hope everyone is having a great summer and if you are anywhere near the Austin area, let's hope that rain comes in as promised!!!


  1. Beautiful! Love that hummingbird photo.

  2. The hot colors in your photos are perfect for a mid-summer post. After seeing these blooms, I am thinking that I don't have enough orange-red in my garden.

  3. What fabulous color you have in your garden - a delight to the bird, bees and bloggers!

  4. Lovely blooms! Love that Moy Grande Hibiscus. I'm adding the Flame Acanthus to my plant wish list. Wonder if it will take part sun? I've been hesitant to plant it because I heard it reseeds like crazy. Have you had that problem?
    PS Great hummingbird photo:)

    1. The Flame Acanthus can take part sun but will not bloom as much and will get a little "leggy" so you might want to keep it trimmed up. On the reseeding - not to where it is a problem at least for me but it does grow vigorously (much to the delight of the hummingbirds....)

  5. I just added the yellow Mexican bird of paradise to my garden this year, but it got off to a rocky start. I guess it needed a little more water to get established in my sandy soils. Hopefully, it will be looking as beautiful as yours very soon.